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Mutation in a sentence

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Synonym: chromosomal mutationgenetic mutationmutantsportvariationSimilar words: commutativestationeryannotationagitationdenotationgestationhabitationlimitationMeaning: [mjuː'teɪʃn]  n. 1. (biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration 2. (genetics) any event that changes genetic structure; any alteration in the inherited nucleic acid sequence of the genotype of an organism 3. a change or alteration in form or qualities. 
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1) The protein contained a mutation.
2) The genetic material has suffered a mutation.
3) These plants carry the mutation for red flowers.
4) These cells carry a mutation affecting the prevention mechanism.
5) It is well known that radiation can cause mutation.
6) Scientists have found a genetic mutation that appears to be the cause of Huntington's disease.
7) They are free to evolve at the mutation rate.
8) Evolution requires genetic change, mutation.
9) Our random mutation is essential because it is unnecessary.
10) It strives for a mutation rate of zero.
11) Only Broadmeyer, as the creator of this mutation, knew the answer.
12) This does not rule out evolution by mutation and selection.
13) A second bug experienced a mutation that allowed it to make use of the acetate excreted from the first.
14) Its use of mutation and chance seems to occur within restraints; within an algorithm that we are still trying to decipher.
15) Mutation is random; natural selection is the very opposite of random.
16) The mutation has no functional significance and controls no traits, researchers say.
17) Whether his fainting goats were a new mutation or part of an older breed remains unclear.
18) Mutants show the effect of the mutation in their phenotype.
19) Mutation is almost guaranteed and one individual among billions is certain to draw the successful ticket in the genetic lottery.
20) Mutation could once be studied only in bacteria or in fruit flies.
21) Both patients described were heterozygous for the missense mutation at codon 200 of the prion protein gene.
22) In Celtic languages such as Welsh, there is a process of mutation affecting the beginning sound of a word, according to the word which comes before it.
23) That is, the rate of substitution equals the neutral mutation rate.
24) In any case, the effect occurred too rapidly to be accounted for by mutation accumulation.
25) The vital factor is that in each generation there is some small mutation which is an improvement, and which is conserved.
26) The brief respite before the pests could fight back reflects the wait for a mutation.
27) The genes that cause the elaborate ornament or long tail to appear are subject to random mutation.
28) Deletions of chromosome 17p are found in 75% of colorectal cancers and are highly correlated with mutation of the remaining p53 gene.
29) This is a worthwhile approach,( though one should bear in mind that different mutagens give qualitatively different kinds of mutation.
30) To begin with, this was the only such pattern in existence, but then a new mutation arose.
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