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Denotation in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2016-10-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: extensionindicationreferenceSimilar words: agitationinvitationlimitationorientationaffectationdelectationnation-statepresentationMeaning: [‚diːnəʊ'teɪʃn]  n. 1. the act of indicating or pointing out by name 2. the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression; the class of objects that an expression refers to. 
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(1) Its denotation is a truth - value.
(2) But though the denotation of niubi is embarrassingly plain , it's connotations are far from obvious.
(3) Conversely, the broader image ? ? s denotation is, the narrower image ? ? s connotation will be.
(4) A denotational semantics is given to a program phrase with free variables in terms of a continuous function from the denotation of its environment type to the denotation of its type.
(5) For example, the denotation of human is any person such as John and Mary, and its connotation is "biped", "featherless", "rational", etc.
(6) In feudal society , its denotation is personality - killing and absolute integrity and super stability.
(7) Connotation a terma contrast with denotation, meaning the properties of the entity a word denotes.
(8) A method of scope denotation expression in symbol table based on hash structure is put forward.
(9) Hyponymy in semantics is related to denotation and connotation in logics.
(10) Secondly, the signal denotation in the coherent video simulation system is discussed and the problem of selecting the system sampling rate is also studied.
(11) Curriculum can represent and take the function of denotation power only when regarding as cultural capital.
(12) A denotation of universal query request orienting integration environment and heterogeneous database is given.
(13) The connotation and denotation representations of pseudo - symplectic space about symplectic space are demonstrate.
(14) A good dictionary will give us the connotation of a word as well as its denotation.
(15) Here the reflexive pronoun himself marks the fact that him has the same denotation as the subject of the verb(, John.
(16) Fathers has enriched the connotation of the old man of the wilderness due to his ethnical tolerance while Santiago has enlarged its denotation because of going beyond the American border.
(17) Thus the English idiom translation involves the transfer of linguistic code as well as the transmission of cultural denotation.
(18) Then it discusses the design idea in detail in such topics as definition of ADBS, denotation of the rule, memory structure of the rule, disposition of the rule, etc.
(19) Zhejiang province is the personification of traditional industrial clusters, and Ningbo apparel industry has delegation denotation.
(20) Being symbol, the product has signifier, signified , and meaning, that is denotation and connotation of products.
(21) At the same time, they become the vital problems about definition, denotation and storage of policy.
(22) They are widely applied to buildings wallboard for their excellent denotation & protection.
(23) Logic The class of objects designated by specific term or concept; denotation.
(24) UML provides the standard modeling language for the development of software project by unified denotation of semanteme and symbols.
(25) Employing unit is a concept and category with particular connotation and denotation in our labor law.
(26) Sucking health care tea technique connotation of the celestial being denotation room is very great.
(27) In analyzing the two methods, the message list of SSL handshake protocol was described[], different attack process and message list of corresponding security policy using denotation defined by us.
(28) Influenced by this, translation equivalence often tends to have an absolute denotation.
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