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Stationary in a sentence

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Sentence count:163+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: firmfixedimmobileimmovableinflexiblemotionlesssteadySimilar words: probationarydictionaryfunctionaryrevolutionarydictionary ordergestationnation-statemissionaryMeaning: ['steɪʃnərɪ ,-nrɪ]  adj. 1. standing still 2. not capable of being moved. 
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(1) An astronaut will attempt to leave the stationary spaceship and then return to it.
(2) The car collided with a stationary vehicle.
(3) The bus crashed into a stationary vehicle.
(4) A stationary object is easy to be aimed at.
(5) There was so much traffic that we were stationary for half an hour.
(6) Wait until the bus is stationary before you get off.
(7) Stationary cars in traffic jams cause a great deal of pollution.
(8) The rate of inflation has been stationary for several months.
(9) How did you manage to drive into a stationary vehicle?
(10) The stationary trucks were sitting targets for the enemy planes.
(11) Which is why he spotted the stationary police car.
(12) The truck swerved and hit a stationary vehicle.
(13) He put a sheet of hotel stationary into the roller and sat there for a moment[Sentence dictionary], staring at it.
(14) However, the equation assumes stationary rather than flapping wings, making its use in this case misleading.
(15) Chromatographic methods always involve a stationary phase and a moving phase.
(16) In spite of the fact that he was stationary, Mungo felt breathless.
(17) The stars appear stationary because they are so far away.
(18) We spent long hours in stationary trains in railway-sidings, in grey towns under greyer skies.
(19) Separation of the components on or in the stationary phase by a continuous flow of the mobile phase.
(20) Several strategies were available to states to bring stationary sources into compliance with air quality standards.
(21) The traffic got slower and slower until it was stationary.
(22) Moving parts in engines wear out much more quickly than stationary parts.
(23) To escape from police officers the thief weaved through/between/in and out of stationary traffic on a bicycle.
(24) External load torques, perhaps caused by friction[], give rise to a small error in position when the motor is stationary.
(25) He says the crossing patrol has poor visibility because of parked cars and the lollipop lady has to weave in between stationary vehicles.
(26) A heavy overcast like a poison gas cloud was stationary over the battered city.
(27) In Walter's action, the hammer is moved closer to the stationary check.
(28) A component with a small value for D remains largely adsorbed on the stationary phase.
(29) Then he had been treated to a display of her marksmanship, involving both moving and stationary targets.
(30) The steward opened the exit door when the plane was stationary and dropped the retractable stair ladder.
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