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Connotation in a sentence

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Sentence count:219Posted:2016-10-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: intensionSimilar words: denotationconfrontationconnectioninnovationagitationlimitationinvitationdelectationMeaning: [‚kɒnəʊ'teɪʃn]  n. 1. what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression 2. an idea that is implied or suggested. 
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1, A good dictionary will give us the connotation of a word as well as its denotation.
2, "Urchin", with its connotation of mischievousness, may not be a particularly apt word.
3, For most people "motherhood" has a very positive connotation.
4, And so it acquired its contemporary, pejorative connotation of idle chatter.
5, With time, however, this acquired the connotation of the misfortune it described.
6, A new connotation was given to the concept of truth to nature.
7, Colleges must have strategic transference to persist connotation development.
8, What are the concept of tripartite mechanism and connotation?
9, This is also lateral economic ties reform real connotation.
10, Based on the analysis of the connotation of human capital value, the paper constructs a model of university's human capital value. Furthermore[], it analyses its characteristics and value-added methods.
11, The analyses the connotation of fair and efficiency and their dialectical relation.
12, From the view of connotation, it is reasonable to regard it as the symbol of reproduction worship because of its branchy and leafy characteristics with rich fruits.
13, Fathers has enriched the connotation of the old man of the wilderness due to his ethnical tolerance while Santiago has enlarged its denotation because of going beyond the American border.
14, The article emphasizes that in idiomatic translation, cultural connotation should be given a consideration as well as literal expression.
15, This word has a bad connotation . Be sure to use it only in its right context.
16, The cultural connotation evolving during the course of usage of a lexical item usually pivots on its conceptual meaning enriched as a result of the process of repetitive uses.
17, It is the context which infuses any word with powerful connotation.
18, Opposite this protest message hangs a photograph with a very different connotation.
19, There is often an implication that skilled means highly skilled although this connotation confuses the concept of existence and level.
20, The phrase seems to have originated in the world of baseball,[] although some authorities claim priority for an alternative connotation.
21, Even among economists and political philosophers, public services rarely lose their connotation of burden.
22, In recent years multimedia has taken on a negative connotation in the computer industry.
23, On Hong Kong this year it took on a slightly different connotation.
24, After relating the development of modern reference work and its changing in connotation and function, the paper proposes some developing strategies.
25, In short, in order to make full development, and have a foothold in the world, Chinese water color painting should not only enhance the connotation of its language, but expand its denotative content.
26, There would be magnificent meaning to understand the core connotation of law-governing state, in the view of political civilization.
27, The characteristics of university teaching resources gives its unique temperament, continuous constructiveness and dynamic generative constitute the university teaching resources new connotation.
28, It is most special in its romanesque architecture with its refined internal facilities assimilating versailles palace connotation.
29, Only by dancing attentively, revealing the dynamic beauty, understanding its rich connotation and creating romantic charm with all one's heart can he truly create and reveal the dancing beauty.
30, This part spreads from the category of capital , the connotation and extension of national capital, combines the theory of twoness of capital, analyses the twoness of national capital.
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