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Levitation in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2017-01-10Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: invitationalleviationagitationhabitationlimitationexploitationprecipitationrehabilitationMeaning: [‚levɪ'teɪʃn]  n. 1. the phenomenon of a person or thing rising into the air by apparently supernatural means 2. movement upward in virtue of lightness 3. the act of raising (a body) from the ground by presumably spiritualistic means. 
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1. Yet levitation and miracle cures were not unknown.
2. High-speed trains operating on magnetic levitation exist in experimental form only.
3. Magnetic levitation track extension Longyanglu surrounding property will fall?
4. Levitation melting is used instead of graphite crucible heating.
5. The independent control of motor winding and levitation winding is a effective way of super high speed operation for bearingless induction motors.
6. Based on this model the influence of acoustic levitation on friction reduction is calculated.
7. Invisibility,[] levitation -- anything.
8. A new magnetic levitation steel ball system was designed, and its dynamic model was established.
9. The independent control of torque winding and levitation control winding is an effective way of high speed operation for bearingless induction motors.
10. All levitation forces of the running train were obtained according to the distributions of overall magnetic conductance function and current charge curve for stator and rotor.
11. This paper presents a magnetic levitation system control using the gain - scheduling controller.
12. In this paper magnetic levitation system was established as a stabilitymagnetic levitation ball system.
13. The Electromagnetic levitation melt centrifugal casting(ELCC)technology for preparing the low cost high quality silicon solar cell paves a new way for reducing the production cost of the solar cell.
14. Mrs. Lin: And the magnetic levitation train, which travels at a stunning speed.
15. Last night in the parking lot of the mall a swami with blond dreadlocks treated us to a levitation.
16. Abstract: A new project of an automotive shock absorber is developed based on magnetic levitation technique.
17. Ramos invented the Sympathetic Wands and created a fascinating variety of effects with it: effects that involve levitation, animation and Telekinesis .
18. It could thus present an alternative to much more expensive magnetic - levitation trains.
19. We are particularly interested in phenomena such as telepathy and levitation.
20. Through a great deal of tests and studies, comparative circuits for the control system of magnetic levitation axletree were chosen to control the levitation in the range of design.
21. Confusion surrounds the future of a much - ballyhooed extension of Shanghai's magnetic levitation ( maglev ) train service.
22. Finally, simply introduce the engineering cost evaluation of the magnetic levitation railway lines.
23. It can also be well used for the dynamical levitation force and magnetic field measurement.
24. The demon that possessed Linda Blair in "The Exorcist" is probably pop culture's most famous and most talented, with levitation capability, rotating head and amazing, life-like spewing action!
25. Equilibrium shape and shape bifurcation of rotating liquid drops under acoustic levitation are studied in experiments.
26. The test for static characteristic was taken including the start of levitation which had a nicer result. And the inhere frequency of the upper stage was calculated.
27. The relation between the anti - rolling sills and negotiation of magnetic levitation trains is analyzed.
28. Analysis and test are made. The improvement method is given. The levitation force is calculated by the model of current coil.
29. Another high speed folly , that keeps getting drug up, is the technology of Maglev - magnetic levitation.
30. That the difficulties of controller designing limits the general use of magnetic levitation.
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