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Mathematician in a sentence

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Similar words: mathematicalmathematicsschematicsystematicsystematicallyopticianpoliticiantheoreticianMeaning: [‚mæθəmə'tɪʃn]  n. a person skilled in mathematics. 
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1. This untutored mathematician had an obsession with numbers.
2. No mathematician is infallible; he may make mistakes, but he must not hedge.
3. I'm not a very good mathematician.
4. Hermite was a distinguished mathematician who was well-known for his generosity to younger men.
5. None other than the greatest mathematician in the world.
6. Most people see only the line, but the mathematician can see the points.
7. A capable mathematician and astronomer, he compiled detailed planetary tables for astrological use.
8. As a mathematician, Bertrand Russell pointed out that while there were two nuclear powers, only those two powers could quarrel.
9. A fractal description originally developed by mathematician Michael Barnsley, has been adapted to digitally sampled audio.
10. Or a young mathematician can be prompted to list different combinations of numbers that, when added, total the number 10.
11. I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning. Plato 
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. Mary became a painter, Grace a mathematician.
13. A mathematician, he and his care manager drew up a list of 12 unmet needs.
14. However, once upon a time the mathematician was a child too.
15. Pliny also asserted that the mathematician and astronomer Anaxagoras of Clazomenae had predicted the Aegospotami meteorite fall.
16. Whichever mathematician or computer buff chooses to examine the set, approximations to the same fundamental mathematical structure will be found.
17. A brilliant mathematician and a natural-born bomb-maker.
18. A.. Only to another mathematician.
19. In the middle of the last century, British mathematician Alan Turing proposed the following test for determining whether a computer could think.
20. Stephen Merrill, another mathematician at Marquette, recently studies bone marrow transplants in the treatment of advanced breast cancer.
21. This untutored mathematician has an obsession with numbers.
22. If the life of any 20th century mathematician can be said to be a history of mathematics in his time, it is that of David Hilbert.
23. Similarly, British mathematician Alan Turing's research in the 1930s demonstrated the impossibility of accurately modeling every conceivable computer program.
24. Scottish mathematician; invented logarithms; introduced the use of the decimal point in writing numbers ( 1550 - 1617 ).
25. As a mathematician, Russell is critical of arithmetization of mathematics theory underlying the basic of mathematics. In Russell"s opinion, logic should be the foundation of mathematics."
26. He was staring at her as though he was piecing together bits of her personality like a mathematician working on some equation.
27. It helps kids to focus less on whether they are exactly right and more on thinking like a mathematician.
28. He could have been the world's greatest piper, a significant mathematician, an international stage performer.
29. Computer graphics is, among other things, just what the mathematician needed: an appropriate mechanism for turning algebra into forms.
30. The other point of such a triangle is known as a Trojan point, or a Lagrangian point after the mathematician who discovered them.
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