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Monochromatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2017-01-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: chromaticachromaticautomaticdiplomaticautomaticallychronologymathematicsromanticMeaning: ['mɑnəʊkrəʊ'mætɪk /'mɒ-]  adj. 1. of or relating to monochromatism 2. (of light or other electromagnetic radiation) having only one wavelength 3. having or appearing to have only one color. 
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(1) Given the monochromatic melodrama of modern country music, versatility may not be the correct answer.
(2) In the microscope, the virus is monochromatic, and it is in stasis.
(3) For this new publication, Scully has created eight monochromatic etchings which will be shown with related studies and four new paintings.
(4) Highly monochromatic laser light is split by the mirror M to travel along the two arms.
(5) Unfortunately a monochromatic beam is of only limited use for spectroscopy unless it is tunable.
(6) Several monochromatic lights can be compounded into polychromatic light.
(7) The white light reflection hologram which is monochromatic.
(8) Thanks to that, they do not look so monochromatic.
(9) By far the most nearly monochromatic source available at present is the laser.
(10) In this paper, a design scheme of the monochromatic coronagraph for the solar eclipse observation is described.
(11) Monochromatic vision is very rare among land species, because color vision is a tool for survival in terrestrial habitats.
(12) At present, the monochromatic source used in visible spectrophotometer has a certain semibreadth.
(13) Click on "Filter," "Add Noise" and set noise to 1%, "Gaussian" and "Monochromatic."
(14) My sister selected a monochromatic color - scheme for her new apartment.
(15) The tonal variations in monochromatic red and its structured composition are at once homage and an audacious challenge to Piet Mondrian, whom Liu greatly admired.
(16) The principle to depolarize the monochromatic light using the the the characteristic of liquid crystal has been studied.
(17) The resolution of white light into its separate monochromatic components is called dispersion.
(18) Keep in mind that an idealized monochromatic plane wave must be depicted as an infinite wave train.
(19) Firstly, we studied the transitions in three-level system driven by a trichromatic field and probed by a monochromatic field. Based on that, we wrote out the density matrix equation.
(20) X-rays from the anode of the x-ray tube fluoresce an adjoining, independent target that produces a monochromatic spectrum, a portion of which is focused by the x-ray optical system.
(21) Locus, in a chromaticity diagram or in a tristimulus space, of points that represent monochromatic stimuli.
(22) To investigate the relations between age and the higher order monochromatic wave aberrations of the Chinese eyes with Asclepion Shack-Hartmann aberrometer.
(23) The phototactic response of adults of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) and Helio-this assulta Guenee to 13 monochromatic lights in the range from 333 nm to 656 nm is very similar.
(24) That concept extends to light sources that blend light from multiple monochromatic LEDs.
(25) Apple dropped the multi-colored logo in 1998 for a monochromatic version, produced in every color imaginable, until transitioning it to today's popular shade of chrome.
(26) Passage of radiation through a medium without change of frequency of its monochromatic components.
(27) New GB middle finger goes out, the off color value of convention of monochromatic glazed pottery is 0.75, chromatism of numerical value is greater delegate is bigger.
(28) Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation ; produces an intense monochromatic beam of coherent light.
(29) Based on the accurate expression of light intensity at transverse plane, the propagation characteristics of monochromatic planar wave diffracted by small circular aperture are analyzed in this paper.
(30) This paper is also discussed theoretical analysis and experimental result of dispersion of Lippmann monochromatic DCG hologram under white light illumination which is recorded w...
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