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Chromatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:118Posted:2016-12-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: achromaticautomaticdiplomaticautomaticallymathematicsromanticdogmaticdramaticMeaning: [krəʊ'mætɪk]  adj. 1. able to refract light without spectral color separation 2. based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones 3. being or having or characterized by hue. 
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1. Is it mainly diatonic or chromatic?
2. Substitution notes may be diatonic or chromatic.
3. It possesses a complete chromatic scale between these two notes.
4. First we will deal with diatonic and chromatic substitution notes, which are the main means of obscuring conventional chords.
5. Can the egg anti band chromatic color!
6. Performance: Assure the average of pressure and chromatic aberration.
7. Entire compositions are rarely written in the chromatic scale.
8. Vince is a natural generalization of chromatic number.
9. Of, relating to, or based on the chromatic scale.
10. Well, that's a chromatic scale.
11. Several egg antis of chromatic color went.
12. The resultant defect is known as chromatic aberration.
13. No chromatic aberration,( more standardized and standardized.
14. The only physical relationship between the chromatic scale and the ear is that both operate on a logarithmic scale in order to accommodate a large frequency range.
15. CONCLUSION The chromatic aberration method can be applied to determine the color of Brevoscapine injection.
16. The 'Telemann' Variations are much less chromatic, more decorative, and as a result are much closer to the Baroque concept of 'variation'.
17. Apochromat ic lens: Compound lens corrected for chromatic aberration, i. e. the three primary colours, red, green and blue are corrected. Also called Apochromat .
18. It's an easy matter to observe chromatic aberrations , with a thick, simple converging lens.
19. Play a chromatic scale for the full range of the instrument in long tones, taking the time to check and correct each note's intonation.
20. The new system was as deep and mysterious as its chromatic code name implied.
21. The movement falls into two repeated halves, the second having more chromatic lower parts.
22. Power, a New Zealander, plays the blues harp and the chromatic harmonica.
23. In my next column I will deal with the chromatic approach notes.
24. However, you don't expect weak quality of the maximum relative aperture, high level of chromatic aberration, significant coma and noticeable astigmatism along with huge vignetting.
25. It is not easy to see that there are triangle - free graphs of large chromatic number.
26. There are three important graph polynomials in graph theory, they have a close relationship with each other: chromatic polynomial, Tutte polynomial and flow polynomial.
27. In the sixth part, the probability estimates of vertex-adjacent vertex distinguishing total chromatic number of some graphs are discussed.
28. Of or using only the eight tones of a major or minor scale without chromatic deviations.
29. Then, with the aid of a computer, he reduces and adjusts the colors into chromatic shapes, similar to a geographical map.
30. Be in vestibular place, in ground laid overhand " chromatic anadem " the enthusiasm that shows goodwife again and romance.
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