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Grammatically in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2016-12-15Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: dramaticallyautomaticallygrammarstaticallyfanaticallydramaticmelodramaticpoliticallyMeaning: adv. in a grammatical manner. 
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(1) The sentence is grammatically correct, but doesn't sound natural.
(2) One in five undergraduates cannot write grammatically.
(3) Grammatically controlled interactions follow strict rules. Consider the following sentence: 27.
(4) Paradigmatically, a semantic affinity between two grammatically identical words is the greater the more congruent their patterns of syntagmatic normality.
(5) Therefore, word sequences that are grammatically acceptable are considered to be more plausible than word sequences that are grammatically unacceptable.
(6) Grammatically, the Sanskrit paradigm exemplifies the concept of radical.
(7) This sentence is grammatically wrong.
(8) Make sure the sentences are grammatically correct.
(9) You can organize the sentence structure grammatically and logically.
(10) This child already speaks grammatically.
(11) The referring expression is grammatically called subject.
(12) This essay is grammatically smooth and readable.
(13) She could write a grammatically complex sentence, but was unable then to read it back.
(14) After you analyze a sentence grammatically, you should be able to understand its meaning better.
(15) But the text itself, although grammatically correct, was disappointingly bland, flat, characterless .
(16) If two or more clauses, grammatically complete and not joined by a conjunction, are to form a single compound sentence, the proper mark of punctuation is a semicolon.
(17) Syntactic knowledge may be used to identify those word combinations that are grammatically acceptable.
(18) Knowledge of how word meanings combine at the sentence level can rule out grammatically correct, but semantically implausible sentences.
(19) There are times when making language function effectively is more important than producing perfectly pronounced, grammatically correct sentences.
(20) However for examples 2 and 4, syntactic analysis would not identify any problems, because they are grammatically acceptable.
(21) It is worth remembering that simple sentences are more likely to be grammatically correct than long, involved ones. 4.
(22) In some cases, a morpheme may have variable forms, known as allomorphs, conditioned phonologically, morphologically, grammatically and lexically.
(23) After all, making understandable translation is more important, whether it is grammatically right or not.
(24) English teaching in China's senior high schools has long been grammatically and lexically centered. This teacher-centered methodology is not suitable in the current development of our country.
(25) He has done just as much towards being that which we ought to respect as a great painter, as a man who has learnt how to express himself grammatically and melodiously has towards being a great poet.
(26) The form of'shi Er Ran " can be studied both grammatically and logically.
(27) Its main concepts are cohesion—the feature that bind sentences to each other grammatically and lexically—and coherence—which is the notional and logical unity of a text.
(28) After confiding in her dull-witted nurse, she wrote Eugene a passionate, revealing love letter, She wrote in French, for she could not write Russian grammatically.
(29) Your sentence is not idiomatic English, though it is not wrong grammatically.
(30) According to these two theories, only in certain syntactic structures can a lexical item be semantically and grammatically right in a phrase, clause or sentence.
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