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Intoxication in a sentence

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Synonym: drunkennessinebriationinebrietyinsobrietypoisoningtipsinesstoxic conditionSimilar words: ratificationgratificationtoxicmedicationindicationvindicationpublicationimplicationMeaning: [ɪn‚tɑksɪ'keɪʃn /-tɒk-]  n. 1. the physiological state produced by a poison or other toxic substance 2. a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol 3. excitement and elation beyond the bounds of sobriety. 
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1. Intoxication interferes with memory and thinking, speech and coordination.
2. He began to drink, drank himself to intoxication, till he slept obliterated.
3. The young are permanently in a state resembling intoxicationAristotle 
4. This may explain why the early stages of intoxication feel qualitatively different from later stages.
5. The result is an intoxication far more dynamic and complicated than most people realize.
6. The mechanism of the hypercalcemia in vitamin D intoxication is twofold.
7. Infective intoxication, relative bradycardia and roseola were not common.
8. The delirious ravings of Intoxication or of Fever.
9. Objective To study the mechanisms of acetone cyanohydrin intoxication.
10. Antidotarium Formula; Arsenical Intoxication; Realgar.
11. Chronic paraldehyde intoxication results in tolerance and dependence.
12. Intoxication interferes with speech and coordination.
13. Bronze hyperpigmentation is seen in hemochromatosis and arsenic intoxication.
14. Matutinal intoxication of life!
15. Ten days after cyclosporin intoxication he was discharged from the ICU.
16. Conclusion Sulfur mustard intoxication induces early and long lasting decreases in serum IL 2 and IL 6 levels and lymphocyte DNA fragmentation in dog peripheral blood.
17. By using XPS, before and after the intoxication of mixed oxide catalysts, the various appearance and the composition. valence and chemical mechanism of the active component of catalysts were studied.
18. The intoxication mechanism of tetrodotoxin ( TTX ) and its effective treatment Methods : Were introducedarticle.
19. The presentation of the first patient with a subacute sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy is typical of intoxication with inorganic arsenic.
20. The current struggles to pin down the mechanisms underlying both ordinary intoxication and alcoholism are driving this point home with a vengeance.
21. The only other recreational drug used in this way is nicotine, which is also seldom used for outright intoxication.
21. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
22. In this way, hallucinations can be an exciting and sought-after part of intoxication by solvents.
23. I am driven by love. Love should never be demanding; it must be unconditional. Love is an exquisite pain and in that pain lies intoxication. And if your lover shares that pain, the intoxication reaches another level altogether. Dharminder 
24. He also had a long record of arrests, mainly for public intoxication, driving while intoxicated and getting into fights.
25. The symptoms in case 2, which included gastrointestinal and autonomic disturbance, closely resembled those reported in past cases of mercury intoxication.
26. Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; the best of life is but intoxicationLord Byron 
27. The measurement of carboxyhemoglobin in human blood may provide a direct evidence for acute carbon monoxide intoxication.
28. Objective:To demonstrate relative changes and characteristics of electroneurograms and electromyograms(EMGs) in patients with n-hexane chronic intoxication.
29. Observation of brain tissue oxidation and pathomorphology to the aluminium intoxication chicken .
30. Some neuroscientists theorize that folks who jump from one new relationship to another are biochemically "hooked" on the intoxication of falling in love.
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