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Uncertainty in a sentence

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Sentence count:287+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: doubtdoubtfulnessdubietydubiousnessincertitudeprecariousnessuncertainnessSimilar words: uncertaincertainfor certaincertainlycertainly notentertainmentmaintaincurtainMeaning: [ʌn'sɜrtntɪ /-'sɜːt-]  n. 1. being unsettled or in doubt or dependent on chance 2. the state of being unsure of something. 
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1. He had an air of uncertainty about him.
2. Times of great change are also times of uncertainty.
3. There is considerable uncertainty about the company's future.
4. Her comments will add to the uncertainty of the situation.
5. They are facing some uncertainty about their jobs.
6. It was a time of terrible uncertainty.
7. Around every corner lurked doubt and uncertainty.
8. Uncertainty again hangs over the project.
9. We live in an era of religious uncertainty.
10. Uncertainty is a discouragement to investment.
11. Uncertainty darkens the future of radio and television.
12. Is there any uncertainty at all about the way she died?
13. She went through a period of terrible uncertainty and indecision.
14. The uncertainty is unbearable!
15. There is a great deal of uncertainty about the company's future .
16. There's considerable uncertainty as to whether the government's job creation strategies will work.
17. After six weeks of uncertainty , the strain was beginning to take its toll.
18. Nothing is ever decided, and all the uncertainty is very bad for staff morale.
19. The policy changes have caused great uncertainty for the workforce.
20. His sharp ears had picked up the uncertainty in her voice.
21. They hoped the waiting and the uncertainty would wear down my resistance.
22. Her comments will add uncertainty to an already complicated situation.
23. The commission's report has dispelled much of the uncertainty that has enshrouded the telephone industry since the Telecommunications Act was signed.
24. Given the uncertainty over Leigh's future I was left with little other choice.
25. One area of uncertainty remains: who will lead the team?
26. Such uncertainty could deter potential private freight operators.
27. As people grow older,[] they begin to ruminate on the uncertainty of life.
28. Her confidence was merely a pose to hide her uncertainty.
29. The only thing to do is to fling caution to the winds and make a decision,right or wrong;anything is better than uncertainty.
30. Recession in the country has run its course and left an aftermath of uncertainty.
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