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Invocation in a sentence

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Sentence count:96Posted:2016-08-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: conjurationconjuringconjurysupplicationSimilar words: locationadvocateeducationinvitationmedicationeducationalindicationimplicationMeaning: [‚ɪnvəʊ'keɪʃn]  n. 1. a prayer asking God's help as part of a religious service 2. an incantation used in conjuring or summoning a devil 3. calling up a spirit or devil 4. the act of appealing for help. 
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1. Rabbi Gutterman gave the invocation at the graduation ceremony.
2. In general there was the invocation of one or more deities to bear witness that a binding contract was being undertaken.
3. He muttered an invocation but the machine's soul had perished and did not revive.
4. Invocation of legal procedures, in particular court action, seems to have declined in recent years.
5. Could not resolve the invocation to the correct constructor.
6. Every question I ask an invocation of power.
7. If so, it must iterate the entire invocation list.
8. Think of it as a user-specified onLoad attribute invocation.
9. Support dynamic invocation of WSDL - described services.
10. Each separately called program is a program invocation instance.
11. Cannot resolve the invocation to the correct constructor.
12. In usual cases of method invocation the return result is a function object, which is then executed.
13. In the function invocation, the order of parameters passed in corresponds to the the order of xsl:params in the function definition.
14. Modify the stored procedure invocation in the session bean to your particular database schema before you deploy the application.
15. Of particular interest is that the suggested invocation found in the file header builds versions for every supported platform[], not just the host platform.
16. The actual invocation in the shell prompt during the build process looks like this: ccache distcc –o placer1.o –c placer1.cxx, and so on.
17. Glue to an invocation to add a data flow to a diagram.
18. A method invocation is represented by a message sent from a caller to a callee.
19. We describe different data mapping methods, invocation styles, bindings, deployment topologies, and their performance impact.
20. Therefore Web service invocation costs more in terms of response time than some other kinds of remote procedure invocation.
21. Will they see this as largely superstitious - the invocation of a kind of magic?
22. The existence of the covenant, however, provides the possibility of its future invocation.
23. For example, what if a student committee selects the clergy and provides directions for the emphasis of the invocation?
24. Each entry in the attribute list specifies an attribute you wish to apply, and the modifier and arguments you are using for this invocation of the attribute.
24. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
25. An exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
26. As you saw in the last section, the server called updatePage() several times and each invocation resulted in an alert box popping up -- probably not what you intended!
27. Alternatively, the resource adapter can call release when it has finished and create another endpoint for the next invocation.
28. At parsing time, Java reflection features are exploited to determine the class constructor matching the specified signature and its invocation.
29. The powerful impulse for co materialism based on rapid economic development : the antithesis of Tagore's invocation.
30. This form of layering does have its own drawbacks because its bakes in assumptions of location agnosticity and synchronicity of invocation into the higher order service units.
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