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Inferior in a sentence

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Sentence count:178+10Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: lesserlowersecondarysubordinateworseAntonym: superiorSimilar words: inferinfernosuperiorinferenceexteriorinteriorulteriordeteriorateMeaning: [ɪn'fɪrɪə(r) /-'fɪər-]  n. 1. one of lesser rank or station or quality 2. a character or symbol set or printed or written beneath or slightly below and to the side of another character. adj. 1. of or characteristic of low rank or importance 2. of low or inferior quality 3. inferior in rank or status 4. written or printed below and to one side of another character 5. having an orbit between the sun and the Earth's orbit 6. lower than a given reference point 7. falling short of some prescribed norm. 
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31. She cited cases in which women had received inferior health care.
32. It was clear the group were regarded as intellectually/morally/socially inferior.
33. He preferred the company of those who were intellectually inferior to himself.
34. His later work was vastly inferior to his early work.
35. She seems to regard all members of the male sex as inferior.
36. Modern music is often considered inferior to that of the past.
37. The implication in his article is that being a housewife is greatly inferior to every other occupation.
38. The underlying assumption is that women are inferior athletes.
39. Magruder and his inferior force very nervous.
40. What Engels stresses is that women were not inferior.
41. Shockingly,( they still perceive women as inferior.
42. Hooker, operating against inferior numbers, made steady progress.
43. And his grandchildren will transfer to inferior schools.
44. White bread is generally inferior in nutritional value.
45. Before him lay a pile of dead Tilean crossbowmen, polluting the sacred soil of Bretonnia with their inferior foreign blood.
46. He made her feel cheap, disloyal, childish and socially inferior.
47. In comparing oral and literate societies in terms of their education systems, for instance,(Sentence dictionary) she represents oral systems as decidedly inferior.
48. Secondly, inferior courts were however subject to a different test.
49. As the generations pass, they grow worse; sons are always inferior to their fathers.
50. However, in a meritocracy, those at the bottom are clearly inferior.
51. The Anglish noun is KAka, usually meaning something bad or inferior.
52. Non-genuine parts may look the same, but they can cause problems of poor fit, inferior quality and limited durability.
53. The dotted line in each diagram separates the superior courts from the inferior courts.
54. The suggestion is in fact a good symbolization of the inferior position of women.
55. Nor did his Lordship draw any demarcation between administrative institutions and inferior courts for the purposes of review.
56. The plan was a daring one, for it would leave an inferior force in the Richmond defenses.
57. It would depend upon the construction of the statute whether Parliament intended questions of law to be left to an inferior court.
58. Secondly, the four-strand guilloche which encloses the central square is well drawn, but slightly inferior to the chain-guilloche.
59. The decisions of this court are binding on all inferior courts trying civil or criminal cases, including divisional courts.
60. In more individual sports, such as tennis and golf, professionals hold respected but wholly separate, socially inferior positions.
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