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Cognitive in a sentence

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Sentence count:286Posted:2016-07-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: recognitioninitiativesensitiveinquisitivemagnitudeinitialinitiateinitiallyMeaning: ['kɒgnɪtɪv]  adj. of or being or relating to or involving cognition. 
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1. As children grow older, their cognitive processes become sharper.
2. Teachers are trained to stimulate the child's cognitive processes.
3. Some of her cognitive functions have been impaired.
4. She used cognitive therapy on her client to try to inhibit those negative thoughts which were damaging his self-esteem.
5. It brings together occupational, social, clinical and cognitive psychologists.
6. These cases suggest that animals can form cognitive maps.
7. No higher level cognitive weaknesses were noted.
8. Affective development is not independent of cognitive development.
9. But cognitive science is not merely about information technology.
10. Estrogen is said to enhance cognitive function.
11. A cognitive advance in one area affects other areas.
12. Associative priming is a well known phenomenon in cognitive psychology.
13. Educational practice in this country has acknowledged the cognitive side of learning but has often neglected the affective side.
14. Action is one of several interacting determinants of cognitive development.
15. Logical operations are constructed, as are all cognitive structures[], out of prior structures as a function of assimilation and accommodation.
16. The cognitive obstacles in the way of police investigations Detectives who seek to establish what happened come up against serious cognitive obstacles.
17. The result, again, was a recognition of cognitive dissonance between internal stakeholder groups.
18. In this view, decision makers lack the cognitive capacity and the comprehensive information that would enable them to calculate utilities rationally.
19. The development of cognitive structures is ensured only if the child assimilates and accommodates stimuli in the environment.
20. Defenders have advanced to a state of cognitive dissonance, an awareness that beliefs conflict with evidence.
21. In current pedagogic fashion, behaviourist practices have been largely superseded by cognitive and communicative perspectives on learning.
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22. He has traveled widely, lecturing on such obscure but important topics as cryptography, intellectual property and cognitive theory.
23. It is precisely the integration of cybernetic mechanisms in a hierarchical order that enables animals to develop the more complex cognitive functions.
24. Piaget identified social interaction as one of the major variables that facilitate cognitive development.
25. So far, we have discussed ways in which different kinds of words may be pronounced using a range of cognitive processes.
26. She was there as her son clawed his way up from the post-coma cognitive level of a 2-year-old.
27. But in 1959 something was wrong with this picture: cognitive dissonance.
28. Language is acquiring increased visibility in the field of cognitive science.
29. It seems difficult to write behavioural objectives for this domain alone, as affective functioning is always interwoven with cognitive functioning.
30. Previous evidence has shown that fluent braille involves a number of subsidiary perceptual, cognitive and manual skills.
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