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Unfettered in a sentence

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Sentence count:56Posted:2016-10-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: unchainedunshackleduntiedSimilar words: shatteredget the better ofletterbettershelteredcigaretteconferencesilhouetteMeaning: adj. not bound by shackles and chains. 
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1. Unfettered by the bounds of reality, my imagination flourished.
2. He unfettered his mind from grief.
3. In writing poetry, one is unfettered by the normal rules of sentence structure.
4. This is clearly a virtually unfettered discretion.
5. Unfettered loyalty inside the conference hall.
6. Over time in unfettered markets income inequalities grow.
7. You can go unfettered by fancy equipment but need preparation, maps, boots, protection and time.
8. Many adult smokers continue smoking not through unfettered choice but because they are addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes.
9. She was rude, untidy, undisciplined, unfettered and anarchic, and he loved it.
10. I wanted to drift like an unfettered balloon into the future.
11. Unfettered free trade is potentially hostile to environmental concerns and may put human health and safety at risk.
12. Yet the disappointed applicant had an unfettered right to extend the period of disruption by appealing.
13. He also placed great emphasis on effective and unfettered communication.
14. Their ideal was the totally autonomous modern artist unfettered by ancestors, tradition, or nature.
15. I want to fly, I want to be an unfettered bird.
16. Therefore we can not make the apriori assertion that private ownership and unfettered operation is always more efficient.
17. Such a legacy was hardly encouraging as far as the setting up of a free, unfettered press after independence was concerned.
18. If only these people would adopt real democracy and the unfettered free market[], this place could be as prosperous as Southampton.
19. Apart from on Tuesdays, every effort was made by senior staff to ensure that an unfettered atmosphere prevailed.
20. And within that, we must have a strong, equal and unfettered opportunity to compete and gain access.
21. To be able to take action ahead of time requires above all the freedom to do so, unfettered by exchange-rate restrictions.
22. Often she went out to see the sky complete, unfettered by any window-frame.
23. It was argued on behalf of the Minister that the legislation gave him an unfettered discretion as to whether to refer or
24. Could one, Peters asked, expect children to learn in the somewhat haphazard fashion that unfettered child-centredness seemed to commend?
25. It preaches the doctrine that individuals should be allowed to do anything they wish unfettered by social conventions.
26. Quite simply mastery of colonial languages gave a few people unfettered power.
27. Its media, including television, have evolved in a more or less unfettered direction.
28. The owner of a patent does not have the unfettered right to make an invention available only on onerous terms.
29. Is regulation really defensible, or should the practice be left unfettered from regulatory controls?
30. They are dog owners united by their anger over the shrinking number of places for their canines to roam free and unfettered.
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