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Infer in a sentence

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Synonym: assumecalculateconcludededucederiveexpectgatherhintimagineimplyindicatepresumereasonreckonsuggestsupposeSimilar words: infectionconferenceconfessconfessionconfederationinformoffergo in forMeaning: [ɪn'fɜr /-'fɜː]  v. 1. reason by deduction; establish by deduction 2. draw from specific cases for more general cases 3. conclude by reasoning; in logic 4. guess correctly; solve by guessing 5. believe to be the case. 
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1 What do you infer from her refusal?
2 You may infer from his remarks the implications.
3 It is difficult to infer anything from such scanty evidence.
4 He can logically infer that if the battery is dead then the horn will not sound.
5 It is possible to infer two completely opposite conclusions from this set of facts.
6 What do you infer from the voting figures?
7 Readers are left to infer the killer's motives.
8 It is reasonable to infer that the government knew about these deals.
9 Am I to infer that you think I'm not telling the truth?
10 From this study we can reasonably infer that this behaviour is inherited.
11 From the evidence we can infer that the victim knew her killer.
12 I infer from your letter that you have not made up your mind yet.
13 I can infer from what you've said that you will do it.
14 People usually infer an unknown fact from a known fact.
15 One can not directly infer one from the other.
16 But he couldn't infer the facts of consciousness.
17 We infer that they accumulated during periods of accelerated soil erosion.
18 We can infer from the archaeological evidence that there was slavery in Carthage.
19 Again,( are we to infer that the appearances were deceptive and that the Societies were not co-operatives?
20 They establish correlations and infer causal relations between the social status of these groups and their political power.
21 From this, astronomers can infer the presence of many more "black holes".
22 Are we to infer from the texts that the pupils do not understand the differences between inborn and conditioned reflexes?
23 For example, the word infer seems to have different meanings for different speakers.
24 It seems reasonable to infer that these systems are dominated by an elite in the manner described by the elite approach.
25 From archaeological evidence we can reasonably infer that these people used stone cutting tools.
26 Assumptions required to infer causes Does this mean that non-experimental data is useless for addressing causal issues?
27 It seems reasonable to infer that the cause was not sabotage but a simple accident.
28 By measuring the motion of the galaxies in a cluster, astronomers can infer the cluster's mass.
29 The article implied that the pilot was responsible for the accident. If you infer something from what a speaker or writer says, you come to the conclusion that this is what he or she means:I inferred from the article that the pilot was responsible for the accident.
30 Surely marriage and prostitution are separate and it insults marriage to infer that they thrive on one another?
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