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Confederation in a sentence

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Synonym: allianceassociationleagueunionSimilar words: considerationfederaloperationAND operationconfrontationgeneration gapconcentrationconfessionMeaning: [kən‚fedə'reɪʃn]  n. 1. the state of being allied or confederated 2. a union of political organizations 3. the act of forming an alliance or confederation. 
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1 Switzerland is a heterogeneous confederation of 26 self-governing cantons.
2 The two countries made up a confederation for mutual safety.
3 The Franks were originally a loose confederation of Germanic tribes.
4 The European Builders Confederation has a membership of over 350,000 building companies.
5 The document composed in Philadelphia transformed the confederation of sovereign states into a national government.
6 While the confederation is technically illegal, it has been allowed to function openly.
7 Affiliation to the National Confederation will provide your group with access to a network of services and expertise.
8 The confederation, on the other hand, was only a fragile union whose members were scattered over vast distances.
9 One abuse that was prevalent during the Confederation was the exercise of judicial power by the state legislatures.
10 Confederation A confederation is an association in which states delegate some power to a supranational central government but retain primary power.
11 As the confederation moved toward constitutional government, issues of internal security were found to require careful consideration.
12 the Confederation of British Industry.
13 In 1870, Manitoba entered Confederation as a Canadian province.
14 Confederation differs little from federation.
15 The Articles of Confederation proved a clumsy first effort.
16 The official name of Switzerland is the Swiss Confederation.
17 A constitution was established and the Confederation was born.
18 Whereas the Articles of Confederation promised a “perpetual Union” of states that retained their “sovereignty, freedom, and independence,” the Constitution does not mention sovereignty at all.
19 A survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) showed retail sales fell more sharply than expected in August.
20 The peace treaty will lay the foundations for a loose confederation of sovereign states.
21 The official trades union council voted to disband itself and re-form as a confederation.
22 Some of the member states wanted a tighter union rather than the loose confederation that developed.
23 He travelled throughout Latin America drumming up support for the confederation.
24 Rather than a unified central administration, there is a loose confederation of ministries.
25 The exhibition organisers have preferred to explore the social, political and religious mechanisms of the Etruscan confederation of city-states.
26 On April 14 Clinton also secured the unanimous endorsement of the leadership of the AFL-CIO, the country's main labour confederation.
27 A general strike, however, organized on June 19 by the National Confederation Union, attracted little support.
28 To the formation of a league, such as was the confederation,[] the state sovereignties were certainly competent.
29 In fact the constitution of 1787 set out to do the opposite: to bolster the centre and weaken the power the states had briefly enjoyed under the new republic’s Articles of Confederation of 1777.
30 On the morning of June 1, President Hu Jintao met with Pascal Couchepin, President of the Swiss Confederation, at the hotel he stayed.
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