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Globular in a sentence

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Sentence count:85Posted:2017-01-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: tabula rasaglobeglobalambulancetribulationpopularsecularregularMeaning: ['glɑbjələ(r) /'glɒbjʊl-]  adj. having the shape of a sphere or ball. 
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1. The globular seed capsule contains numerous small seeds.
2. The plant has distinctive globular flowers.
3. There are various globular clusters in Ophiuchus.
4. Clusters, both open and globular, abound.
5. They can also be distinguished by their almost globular shape and the long protruding remnant of the style sticking out on top.
6. The globular star clusters that surround the Milky Way also seem to come in two age groups.
7. The globular cluster M53 is in the same field as Alpha.
8. Pieces of the globular bodies of eighteenth century wine bottles were unearthed.
9. Species forming a short globular rhizome are pulled up and left floating in a well lighted tank.
10. You can conceive of globular protein molecules folding from chains of left- and right-handed amino acids but not helical protein molecules.
11. Directly ahead you see a huge, globular molecule the size of a two-car garage.
12. Serpens contains a prominent globular cluster, M5, which is not far below naked-eye visibility.
13. The highly conserved globular domain is essential for the binding of H1 to the nucleosome.
14. Little globular houses like mud - wasp nests.
15. Australian cypress pine having globular cones.
16. It has a distinctly globular thorax.
17. A typical globular cluster has about 1 million stars.
18. The main object of binocular interest in Aquarius is the globular cluster M2.
19. The main objects of interest in Hercules are the two globular clusters, M13 and M92.
20. At about a kilometre's range the whales' blow looked like small globular puffs of steam rising off the sea surface.
21. At this time the men of Brooke Parker's would be loading their wagons with the globular bottles that Buddie called carboys.
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22. The only other object of immediate interest is the globular cluster M30, near Zeta.
23. Under her skilled hands a snake of clay was being coiled into the shape of a large globular jar.
24. Floating forms are very varied in shape; under optimal conditions a conspicuously grassy green globular form develops.
25. The other interesting binocular object in Lepus is the globular cluster M79.
26. However, Tucana contains the Small Cloud of Magellan and two superb globular clusters.
27. Proteins are strings of 20 kinds of amino acids, which usually fold up to form a large globular molecule.
28. Hedgehog cacti are variable in form, but many are barrel shaped or globular.
29. Application: General wire processing, aluminum alloy wire, wire, light of globular copper etc.
30. The haustorium cellularizated from the micropylar end to chalazal end at the later globular stage.
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