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Kingdom in a sentence

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Antonym: queendomSimilar words: bring downparkingbankingfuckingmilkingstrikingthe working classrandomMeaning: ['kɪŋdəm]  n. 1. a domain in which something is dominant 2. a country with a king as head of state 3. the domain ruled by a king or queen 4. a monarchy with a king or queen as head of state 5. the highest taxonomic group into which organisms are grouped; one of five biological categories: Monera or Protoctista or Plantae or Fungi or Animalia 6. a basic group of natural objects. 
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1. Love rules his kingdom without a word. 
2. Love rules his kingdom without a sword. 
3. In the kingdom of blind men the one-eyed man is king. 
4. In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king. 
5. In the kingdom of blind men, the one-eyed is king. 
6. Archaeologists attribute the ruin to a flourishing prehistoric kingdom.
7. Rome annexed the Nabatean kingdom in 106 AD.
8. I prize my library above my kingdom.
9. The bomb blew him to kingdom come.
10. King Arthur tried to redress wrongs in his kingdom.
11. The mind is the kingdom of thought.
12. The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
13. The national flag of the United Kingdom is called the Union Jack.
14. The kingdom of Norway has a long and rugged coastline.
15. Don't mention politics or we'll be here till kingdom come.
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16. He ruled the ancient kingdom of Kaffa.
17. Wales was a vassal kingdom at that time.
18. He continued to expand his kingdom by conquest.
19. Roger Kingdom set the world record of 12.92 seconds.
20. The truck was blown to kingdom come.
21. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy.
22. He'll talk till kingdom come if you let him.
23. The United kingdom includes Northern Ireland and Wales.
24. The kingdom predates other African cultures by over 3[],000 years.
25. This is the fight of the kingdom of the mind.
26. Don't mention politics or we'll be here until kingdom come.
27. After the old king died, his son ruled over the kingdom.
28. Parliament remains the central institution of the constitution of the United Kingdom.
29. It was one of the richest towns in the kingdom.
30. This television program provoked a spirited debate in the United Kingdom.
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