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Restriction in a sentence

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Synonym: limitationSimilar words: restrictdestructionstrictstrictlydistrictfictionpredictionconvictionMeaning: [rɪ'strɪkʃn] n. 1. a principle that limits the extent of something 2. an act of limiting or restricting (as by regulation) 3. the act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary). 
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1) The 30 mph speed restriction applies in all built - up areas.
2) A diet to lose weight relies on calorie restriction in order to obtain results.
3) Their success is conditional, I suggest, on this restriction.
4) The park is open to the public without restriction.
5) Some restriction on funding was necessary.
6) The regulations were seen as a restriction on personal freedom.
7) Citizens of the EU can travel without restriction within the EU.
8) The potential restriction of physician income is a major sore point.
9) This restriction is often imposed to avoid prolonged arguments between seller and buyer.
10) The only restriction is how often the person receiving the email checks his or her mailbox.
11) Reactive techniques like reorganization, retrenchment, and restriction are the natural enemies of organizational innovation.
12) Weight reduction, purine restriction,[] and cessation of ethanol use should be accomplished.
13) Charles, by contrast, had known nothing but restriction and discipline.
14) A more subtle form of restriction is to proceed by a philosophy akin to that of apartheid.
15) The teens, agitated by their restriction, were randomly leaving their living quarters and vehemently hurling obscenities and spitting at staff.
16) There is, however, one classical restriction which we must take into account, namely the resolving power of optical instruments.
17) A further restriction on the clinical use of alumina is the response of tissues to its implantation.
18) Restriction strikes hard at the sense of individual freedom that is essential to an innovative environment.
19) Restriction fragments used as probes are described in the corresponding figure legends.
20) Our first restriction, used in the previous sections, is the assumption of constant expenditure shares.
21) We now introduce another restriction: the production technology for differentiated products is homothetic.
22) And there is no restriction on candidates, although telemarketing companies say they try to avoid using people convicted for fraud.
23) The emergency import restriction on cultural artifacts from El Salvador has been extended for another three years.
24) At the turn of the century, Congress imposed/placed a height restriction of 13 storeys on all buildings in Washington.
25) Lobbyists for the tobacco industry have expressed concerns about the restriction of smoking in public places.
26) It should also be noted that there is a mileage restriction over the three year period of 12,000 miles a year.
27) Appropriate management of the volume excess should include sodium chloride restriction.
28) If the car costs more than £12,000 there would be a tax restriction on the relief available for the payments.
29) For example, there is a case for a further restriction on the sale of knives and for licensing shops.
30) Predominantly affecting young women, the central feature of this disorder is an abnormally low weight achieved by extreme caloric restriction.
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