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Reside in a sentence

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Synonym: dwellinhabitliveoccupySimilar words: presideresidentresidencepresidentpresidencyresidentialpresidentialbesideMeaning: [rɪ'zaɪd]  v. 1. make one's home in a particular place or community 2. live (in a certain place) 3. be inherent or innate in;. 
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(1) Do you still reside at Elm Road?
(2) Happiness does not reside in strength or money.
(3) Certificate of appropriate alternative development for reside purposes.
(4) But religion does not reside in theological abstracts.
(5) Jackson is to reside with her grandmother in California.
(6) Many of them still reside in South Florida today.
(7) Students who reside in subsidized public housing.
(8) And Congress, with its hands in its pocket-wherein reside its true concern-stands mute1y on the sidelines.
(9) Out of his manors, William chose to reside at Hammoon, and his descendants certainly lived here until the seventeenth century.
(10) Miss Tonelli, how exactly did you come to reside at your current address?
(11) Qume's architecture allows the server code to reside on the host, eliminating costly licence fees.
(12) They now reside in the map collection of the New York Public Library.
(13) What assertions about the nature of reality reside in the style of the traditional novel?
(14) For the time being we reside with her parents in their small but practical house in the southern suburbs of Berlin.
(15) People who reside inside the city limits make up 60 percent of the population of the community.
(16) The soul is said to reside in the upper torso, and is the seat of the emotions.
(17) Application services will reside on top, and that's what the majority of software developers will wait for.
(18) Their passports do not give them the right to reside in Britain.
(19) Good health is a combination of many factors, most of which reside within the individual.
(20) The human expertise in computer-derived works could be found to reside in the programs which produced the lists of random numbers.
(21) Healthy proteins, which have not met up with prions, reside quietly in the membranes of nerve cells in the brain.
(22) Education is seen as a process of nurturing individuality, of fostering distinctive qualities that already reside within each individual.
(23) This suggests that the human homologue of the Oct-11a locus will reside on chromosome 11 in the region of q23.
(24) Far better to send an unofficial person, who can reside inconspicuously at the Embassy, coming and going unremarked.
(25) The boy's father and paternal grandmother applied, interalia, for an order for the boy to reside with the grandmother.
(26) Again within each type of disability the majority of those who experience the problem reside in the community.
(27) However, there are a variety of different types of institutional setting in which an older person might reside.
(28) In keeping with the emphasis on parliamentarianism there was the idea that party power should reside within the parliamentary leadership alone.
(29) There was the more significant variation of allowing folders to reside within folders, ad infinitum.
(30) For example, those who like expenditure on libraries and the arts can reside with others of the same persuasion.
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