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Compress in a sentence

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Sentence count:142+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-02Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: concentratecondensecrushpressreducesqueezeSimilar words: impressimpressiveimpressioncomprehensioncomprehensivecomprehensiblepresspress forMeaning: [kəm'pres] n. a cloth pad or dressing (with or without medication) applied firmly to some part of the body (to relieve discomfort or reduce fever). v. 1. make more compact by or as if by pressing 2. squeeze or press together. 
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1) Firmly compress the soil in the pot so that the plant is secure.
2) A cold compress can alleviate your pain.
3) Wood blocks compress a great deal under pressure.
4) The panelists are left to compress their inquiries into one good zinger of a question.
5) You can compress huge amounts of data on to a CD-ROM.
6) They used an air compressor to take in atmospheric air , compress it, and force it into the cabin.
7) Many couples want to compress their childbearing into a short space of time in their married life.
8) Apply a cold compress to the injury.
9) In this chapter we compress into summary form the main issues discussed so far.
10) Air will compress but the brake fluid won't.
11) I managed to compress ten pages of notes into four paragraphs.
12) A later development introduced a press to compress the hops in each pocket which was held in a pocket sling.
13) He found her lying with a cold compress on her forehead,[] the pupils of her eyes strangely dilated.
14) Excess electricity can also be used to compress air in an underground store.
15) Clusters could then compress data for the next layer.
16) Leave the compress in place until it has cooled to body temperature; renew at intervals as required.
17) Her hand touched the compress on his head tentatively.
18) Sandy has learned to compress her hours by not taking lunch and taking work home if she has to.
19) John watched a swinging door compress the air behind her.
20) Some files compress more easily than others.
21) For a cold compress, use exactly the same method, but with icy cold water.
22) It's generally impossible to compress such files - the program sees each overlay as corrupt data.
23) This paper develops a voice compress algorithm - SB - ADPCM ( Sub Band - adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation ).
24) This allows good use of space, but high winds compress the sides.
25) It tells you which files belonging to which programs are on your hard disk and it can also compress files.
26) Objective To observe the clinical efficacy of combined herbal compress and microwave irradiation in healing the wounds following anal fistulectomy.
27) The latest findings suggest the moon could still be cooling, a process that causes the surface to compress and form the wrinkle-like features, known as lobate scarps.
28) It is applicable to pressure control and protection of pressure systems such as boiler, water press , oil hydraulic press , air compress and air conditioning.
29) Conclusion:The effect of Pringle apparatus combined massage for parturient with postpartum galactostasis was superior to the traditional local massage and hot compress.
30) Use: That is a padhesive with the powder Diecty , Compress tablets and replenisher, Disinteante, adhesive of the capsula.
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