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Pollination in a sentence

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Sentence count:77Posted:2016-12-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: inclinationruminationdominationcombinationnominationimaginationculminationexaminationMeaning: ['pɑlɪ'neɪʃn /'pɒl-]  n. transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a plant. 
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1. Without sufficient pollination, the growth of the corn is stunted.
2. The grapes begin to form, after natural pollination, during the months of June and July.
3. The absence of the bumble bee meant that pollination had to be carried out artificially, using an electronic vibrating rod.
4. In spring and summer last year, pollination of the runner beans was generally poor.
5. The other limiting factor in relation to flower pollination and fruit setting is weather.
6. To ensure adequate pollination select at least three varieties that pollinate each other.
7. Objective To evaluate the pollination characteristic on Chinese bellflower.
8. Predominantly outcrossing, wind pollination might be the main reasons of low genetic differentiation between families.
9. The prophase pollination effect of C. megacephala was better than the anaphase.
10. In pollination test of two kinds of lilies, the burliness quantity from mother plant of Prato lily were great, but...
11. Many flowers are capable of self-fertilization if pollination fails, and a few species do it regularly.
12. Entomophilous flowers depend on the pollination of insects, and at the same time, plants provide pollen and honey as rewards.
13. The pollination is intra-population cross pollination but still belongs to generic self-pollination.
14. The seeds from pollination of heated pollen were far less than that of unheated pollen in hybridization test of Nove Cento lily and Prato lily.
15. The pollen vitality and property of pollination and fruiting among different single of Wild Cherry Plum(Prunus divaricata Lbd) were tested.
16. Many species of tree depend on the wind for pollination.
17. It would therefore appear that the ensuring of successful pollination must override the importance of losses due to seed predation.
18. They are of great importance not only as food for birds and mammals, but also in pollination and recycling of nutrients.
19. Several cultigens are similarly flexible, e.g. coconut,( in that pollination is thereby ensured in both open and closed habitats.
20. To this end, some developers use plants like rice and safflower that self-pollinate, reducing the risk of contaminating nonpharma plants by wind and insect pollination .
21. During the Paleocene there was a great deal of coevolution of plants and animals , the plants evolving adaptations to animal pollination and fruit and seed dispersal.
22. The paper introduced the coordination experiment results on white Elm provenance and family, which are carried on the 155 open pollination materials from 11 superior provenances for two year's study.
23. Variations of flower color are related to gene mutation and pollination pattern and so on.
24. The great impact of the differences of the receptible period of stigmas and pollen viability between the two species on effective pollination and seed setting rate is discussed.
25. The sterile plant with multiple stigmas had a high outcrossing percentage of seed setting because its multiple and long stigmas enlarged the area of pollination.
26. The difference should be discernible in the time of flowering and pollination in orchards.
27. The accumulation trend of total provitamin A showed linear curve,[Sentencedict] and it reach to the highest value in the 27th day after pollination.
28. Meanwhile, the commercial beekeeping industry is struggling to provide pollination services to the nations' farmers.
29. The cross-compatibility between cultivated rice and 6 diploid and tetraploid wild rice species was studied by means of artificial pollination.
30. The results oft-test showed that there was significant difference of the seed plumpness between the artificial pollination seeds and the spontaneous pollination.
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