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Compromise in a sentence

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Synonym: adjustconcedesettleyieldSimilar words: promisingcompriseprominentpromptpremiseeconomistimprovedcomprehensionMeaning: ['kɒmprəmaɪz] n. 1. a middle way between two extremes 2. an accommodation in which both sides make concessions. v. 1. make a compromise; arrive at a compromise 2. settle by concession 3. expose or make liable to danger, suspicion, or disrepute. 
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1. A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. 
2. Swearing was invented as a compromise between running away and fighting. 
3. Encourage your child to reach a compromise between what he wants and what you want.
4. Most wage claims are settled by compromise.
5. It is hoped that a compromise will be reached in today's talks.
6. Gentle to have, but not compromise, I want to be in quiet,[] not strong.
7. He refused to compromise his principles.
8. The discussion eventuated in a compromise.
9. The couple made several unsuccessful attempts at a compromise.
10. We can not compromise on this.
11. Compromise is an inevitable part of marriage.
12. Where our children's education is concerned, no compromise is acceptable.
13. The spokesman made it clear that no compromise was yet in sight.
14. Gentle to have, but not compromise, I want to be in quiet, not stron.
15. The foreign ministers have thrashed out a suitable compromise formula.
16. My natural inclination is to find a compromise.
17. It looks as though a compromise agreement has now been reached.
18. The probable outcome of the talks is a compromise.
19. If moderates fail to reach a compromise ,[] the extremists will dominate the agenda.
20. I refuse to compromise my principles.
21. They debated whether to compromise with the opposition parties.
22. There could be no compromise with the nationalists.
23. The President spoke of the need for territorial compromise.
24. The compromise will allow him to continue his free market reforms.
25. After much discussion the negotiators hammered out a compromise settlement.
26. The group has taken a militant position on the abortion issue and is refusing to compromise.
27. After lengthy talks the two sides finally reached a compromise .
28. Negotiators are due to meet later today to work out a compromise.
29. After months of negotiations, they have reached an uneasy compromise.
30. Mr Clarke has shown himself to be resolutely opposed to compromise.
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