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Digress in a sentence

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Synonym: departdivagatesidetrackstragglestraywanderSimilar words: Congressaggressionaggressiveprogressivecongressionalprestidigitationpressdress upMeaning: [daɪ'gres]  v. 1. lose clarity or turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing, thinking, or speaking 2. wander from a direct or straight course. 
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1 Do you mind if I digress for a moment?
2 I'll tell you a funny story,if I may digress from my subject for a monent.
3 But I digress. To get back to what I was saying, this poem reflects the poet's love of nature and his religious beliefs.
4 May I digress from our discussions for a moment and remind you that the train leaves at ten o'clock.
5 The old professor used to digress from his subject for a moment to tell his students a funny story.
6 Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously.
7 Let me digress for a moment and tell you a short story.
8 But I digress ... We are all somewhat the worse for wear after a long night in the hotel bar.
9 Don't digress when lecturing.
10 Should they digress they would be asked to find other accommodation forthwith.
11 However space does not permit me to digress into this topic.
12 Perhaps this is the place to digress a little and talk about the taking of facts from other writers' books.
13 In Section 24.3, therefore[], we digress from fluid dynamics to look at a non-fluid mechanical system.
14 Before we do that, I'd like to digress for a minute and say a word or two about the new books.
15 Please allow me to digress for some time.
16 Don't digress when you give a lecture.
17 That makes me so digress?
18 His essay digress from the main subject.
19 Don't digress too much ; keep to the point.
20 Don't digress ( from the subject ) when lecturing.
21 The question caused the teacher to digress.
22 And when you back down and digress.
23 We shall not digress into the history of methanics.
24 Er, I digress, teacher,( you can not because this but knot I dispart?
25 There is no need to digress further on the sensuous plane.
26 Consequently we digress momentarily in this section to review some well - known definitions and operations.
27 I digress. My tale does not primarily concern itself with the hen.
28 I'll tell you a funny story, if I digress from my subject for a monent.
29 Don't wander from the subject: stick to the point , ie Don't digress.
30 Well, I do, my custom pinball machine, but I digress .
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