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Bilious in a sentence

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Synonym: atrabiliousbiliarydyspepticliverishliverySimilar words: superciliouspunctiliousrebelliousbillionabilityviabilitymobilitystabilityMeaning: ['bɪljəs]  adj. 1. relating to or containing bile 2. suffering from or suggesting a liver disorder or gastric distress 3. irritable as if suffering from indigestion. 
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1. She is suffering a bilious attack.
2. I got up feeling bilious and with a terrible headache.
3. She suffered from bilious attacks.
4. I felt a little bilious after last night's dinner.
5. His shirt was a bilious shade of green.
6. I feel a little bilious after last night's dinner.
7. He was a bilious old gentleman.
8. She felt a bilious attack coming on.
9. His speech was a bilious, rancorous attack on young people.
10. Lianas writhed towards the light from bilious decaying depths.
11. One bilious attack would have been passed over as something that could happen to anyone; but two aroused suspicion.
12. After all, it was only a bilious attack ... uncomfortable at the time, but it soon passed.
13. Further along, a pool of bilious gas pricked by glittering young luminaries.
14. The machines made their own bilious sound which drowned the natural noise of the Earth.
15. Her mouth was filled with bilious acids that her stomach had sent up in sympathy.
16. The quality or condition of being bilious.
17. Midgut olulus classically appears as bilious vomiting in neonates. Howeer, in our group of patients (Table 1),[] this condition was seen in only 1 patient.
18. Besides carsickness I had frequent called bilious attacks , which elicited a course of twelve calomel tablets.
19. His bilious temperament was apparent to all who heard him rant about his difficulties.
20. Symptoms of high gastrointestinal obstruction were severe, with bilious and large amounts of nasogastric effluent.
21. The proportion of these injuries among bilious athletes is larger than sanguineous athletes, and much larger than phlegm athletes both in the number and the degree of injury.
22. He had been bilious.
23. We stopped believing in the four humours, but we remain bilious, choleric, sanguine and phlegmatic.
24. After a few days it may go on to their chest or settle in the liver causing a bilious fever and even jaundice.sentencedict .com
25. That warlock was a bloated, horned hermaphrodite draped in bilious green skin.
26. On Monday the endless time to fill suddenly collapsed, for Mrs Dummett developed a violent bilious attack.
27. One of his favourite targets was the "pale and bilious" taproom agitator, scheming to overturn John Bull's household, or Peter Stuyvesant's New York.
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