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Supercilious in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2016-09-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: disdainfulhaughtylordlypridefulsneeringsnidesniffyswaggeringSimilar words: punctiliouscommercialfacilityfacilitiesfacilitateconciliatoryvariousenviousMeaning: [‚suːpə(r)'sɪlɪəs]  adj. 1. having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy 2. expressive of contempt. 
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1. The dress shop assistant was very supercilious.
2. She gave a supercilious smile.
3. His manner is supercilious and arrogant.
4. He spoke in a haughty, supercilious voice.
5. Her supercilious attitude enraged me.
6. The shop assistant was very supercilious towards me when I asked for some help.
7. And exposing himself to that censorious and supercilious gaze?
8. You looked down your nose like some supercilious llama!
9. His lazy, supercilious eyes, too, managed their affectation of aloofness without actually missing a trick.
10. Dress shop assistants grow supercilious, aware that they can uplift or slay us with a single comment.
11. The officer was supercilious and self - conceited.
12. He adopted a supercilious manner.
13. I resent your supercilious and arrogant attitude.
14. His mother eyed my clothes with a supercilious air.
15. Her eyebrows were arched in supercilious surprise.
16. Sometimes you're really too supercilious.
17. Parkman occasionally allows a supercilious tone to creep into his writings.
18. Yet there was nothing sarcastic or supercilious in the way Ames spoke.
19. The supercilious assumption was that on Sunday afternoon I had nothing better to do.
20. This supercilious attitude relegates me to the level of the commonplace.
21. His manner was often offensively supercilious, and then again modest and self - effacing, almost tremulous.
22. The Lorrimores had arrived, each wearing yesterday's expression: pleasant, aloof, supercilious, sulky.
23. This viewpoint seems to have prevented him from doing more than cast a supercilious eye over the book.
24. He also had unusually heavy, drooping eyelids which could make him look comic or sinister, benevolent or supercilious.
25. The Rover abruptly swung out and roared past, the passenger cop giving them a suspicious but mostly supercilious glare.
26. My comment that I enjoy the tactile sensation of playing with the dough met with a supercilious, adult-type snicker.
27. In fact, rightist made a back to discuss (uses wrong character especially, good recognized), own put ungratefully own "the supercilious look wolf" on seat!
27. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
28. I am self - confident , but also complacent, I am supercilious, also proud in the meantime.
29. Honesty and frankness do more for the public's confidence ... than extravagant boasting or supercilious gasconade.
30. He thought he was cleverer than any other person here. And he was supercilious.
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