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Punctilious in a sentence

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Sentence count:20+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-09-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: meticulousSimilar words: compunctionfunctionand functionfunctionalmalfunctionpunchutilizeutilityMeaning: [pʌŋ(k)'tɪlɪəs]  adj. marked by precise accordance with details. 
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1. He was punctilious about being ready and waiting in the entrance hall exactly on time.
2. He was a punctilious young man.
3. He was always punctilious in his manners.
4. Joe was always punctilious about repaying loans.
5. Careless in some situations, in others he proved punctilious.
6. Nancy Mitford, who was punctilious about research, denies this.
7. He had his team and he was too punctilious not to share his thinking with them.
8. No denying the boy was dutiful and punctilious in all things(, however opinionated he might be.
9. A punctilious attention to prayers and strict religious observance would win their indulgence.
10. He was a punctilious blighter and I can't see him using the Lab as a convenient place for a rendezvous.
11. Darwin was himself something of a gourmet, also punctilious in his insistence that ties were obligatory.
12. Billy is punctilious in the performance of his duties.
13. Prefer Coordination skill, flexible ideas,( and punctilious person.
14. This quality was continually breaking through his punctilious manner in the shape of restlessness.
15. The more unpopular an opinion is, the more necessary is it that the holder should be somewhat punctilious in his observance of conventionalities generally.
16. Garvin reported formally to the Khedive - and the Consul-General was punctilious about the forms.
17. Certainly, some of the claims they advanced were extreme even by the standards of so punctilious an age.
18. He used words handsomely, though he may have been too careful with them, a little too punctilious.
19. Diligence belongs to these people, who cherish and treasure time, are a man with his feet on the ground and punctilious , remorseless and persistent, and who have courage to explore and innovate.
20. Japanese or English language , Coordination skill, flexible ideas, punctilious person.
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