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Capability in a sentence

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Synonym: abilitycapacitycompetencyefficiencyfitnesspowerskilltalentSimilar words: abilitystabilityliabilitydisabilityreliabilityavailabilityaccountabilityflexibilityMeaning: [‚keɪpə'bɪlətɪ] n. 1. the quality of being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally 2. the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment 3. an aptitude that may be developed. 
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1. Organizing a whole department is beyond his capability.
2. People experience differences in physical and mental capability depending on the time of day.
3. The company's manufacturing capability is quite limited.
4. You have the capability to do/of doing this job well.
5. Does the company have the capability to change to meet market needs?
6. Their military capability has been reduced because their air force has proved not to be effective.
7. The European states retained a latent capability to menace Britain's own security.
8. No one ever questioned her capability.
9. The government wants to increase its military capability.
10. Our intention is to destroy their offensive capability once and for all.
11. The country needs a defence capability as insurance against the unexpected.
12. It may be beyond the capability of the hardware to process the input.
13. She has the capability to become a very fine actress.
14. Nuclear weapons have the capability to destroy the physical integrity of the planet.
15. The little girl has great capability as a singer and should be trained.
16. Animals in the zoo have lost the capability to catch / of catching food for themselves.
17. That is precisely the capability that was demonstrated by the unmanned Zond missions of 1968.
18. This gives SuperCalc an impressive extra capability.
19. This capability provides even greater insight into the structural significance of anomalies and trends than conventional image-based systems do.
20. One that balances leading edge technological capability with a thorough understanding of your business.
21. It also has full clip board capability.
22. Exam candidates are not allowed to use advanced calculators with database capability.
23. Building Skills Delivering economic development means creating an environment of enterprise and capability within which success can bloom.
24. This process supplies the enterprise with evidence of its capability to succeed, regardless of external events and circumstances.
25. Moreover they know that Hick has the potential to dominate against spinners in a manner beyond Vaughan's capability.
26. Entrants normally require a first degree but non-graduate applicants who give evidence of comparable academic capability are also considered.
27. For this reason, I limit the amount of aerobics I do so that they are within the capability of most people.sentence dictionary
28. In recent years, the outage has been used to construct or commission major capital projects to extend the plants' capability.
29. They saw that our business was suffering because our plant's manufacturing capability was by its nature inflexible, cumbersome and slow.
30. With Bevin he also believed that Britain would have much less influence in Washington without some nuclear capability of her own.
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