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Flexibility in a sentence

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Synonym: flexiblenesstractabilitytractablenessSimilar words: credibilityflexibleabilityliabilitystabilitycapabilitydisabilityreliabilityMeaning: [‚fleksɪ'bɪlətɪ] n. 1. the property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped 2. the quality of being adaptable or variable 3. the trait of being easily persuaded. 
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1. The regulations do not permit much flexibility.
2. Employees expect flexibility in the workplace.
3. Police work involves a considerable degree of flexibility and discretion.
4. Her great strength lies in her flexibility.
5. The flexibility of the lens decreases with age.
6. There has got to be a degree of flexibility.
7. The advantage of this system is its flexibility.
8. Flexibility is intrinsic to creative management.
9. The flexibility of distance learning would be particularly suited to busy managers.
10. You have considerable flexibility in this job and can choose how to do things.
11. Flexibility of approach is an important prerequisite to successful learning.
12. There is a need for greater flexibility in the way the network is managed.
13. An overdraft provides increased flexibility but at a higher cost.
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14. You can improve your flexibility by exercising.
15. Women have lost out in this new pay flexibility.
16. The new range of machines will bring flexibility to your business computing.
17. A certain amount of flexibility is built into the system.
18. Stretching exercises will help your flexibility.
19. A freelance career has the attraction of flexibility.
20. The courses are designed to allow maximum flexibility.
21. This will give schools greater flexibility in their use of resources.
22. Flexibility of labour was obtained through the breakup of old trade union structures.
23. Computers offer a much greater degree of flexibility in the way work is organized.
24. The great merit of the project is its flexibility and low cost.
25. She had physiotherapy to restore the flexibility of her muscle.
26. The existing rules allow for some flexibility.
27. The increased conformational flexibility of L703766 may also explain the weakened interaction with the receptor.
28. Under the present system, we do not have any flexibility.
29. Any incomes policy must embody the attributes of fairness and flexibility.
30. Business leaders are cautioning against hasty action that would hamper flexibility.
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