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Antithetical in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: patheticallyaestheticallyhypotheticalparentheticallyhypotheticallyfranticallyantithesistheoreticalMeaning: adj. sharply contrasted in character or purpose. 
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1 Their priorities are antithetical to those of environmentalists.
2 This violence is completely antithetical to the teaching of the church.
3 A culture of violence is antithetical to the church's traditional teaching.
4 A powerful outside conqueror can hold antithetical groups together.
5 It was, indeed,( antithetical to sectional interests.
6 Oddly enough, these two traditions are not antithetical.
7 The new law is clearly antithetical to the basic principles of free speech.
8 Ishmael, consequently, also investigates the antithetical approach, the method of pure subjective perception.
9 This antithetical couplet is my father's handwriting.
10 Sloan: Well, that conception is antithetical to science.
11 That's antithetical to effective prevention programs.
12 Trading on rumors, hunches or fears is antithetical to investing.
13 There is nothing more antithetical to the American ideal than growing old.
14 During the spring festival, I wrote an antithetical couplet and hung it on my door.
15 Higher-order antithetical couplets synchronization of gravity wave equation with the primary soud.
16 In terms of EMRs, we now have two antithetical requirements.
17 Locating China means to recognize the antithetical movements within the country.
18 Conservatives are right when they argue that government social welfare activities are antithetical grafts on the root stock of capitalism.
19 Their vision of society was collectivist, grass-roots oriented and utterly antithetical to the privatised and mortgaged paradise of Thatcherism.
20 The idea of treating Richard and Bolingbroke as parallel, rather than antithetical, figures was visible at Stratford.
21 These may relate generally to vocational skills to impart the idea that history and vocationalism are not antithetical.
22 In an age of compulsory wearing of uniforms, the zoot suit accomplished an antithetical stylization of the self.
23 To pursue political objectives seriously, they must work with the very people whose religious beliefs are most antithetical to their own.
24 A hint she had been blind to because the very notion of suicide was so antithetical to her own nature.
25 For that reason the concept of site specificity and corporate sponsorship are antithetical.
26 He has a good grounding in ancient prose, and is good at writing antithetical sentences.
27 Since the rise of the religion of autonomy, human perfectibility , and universalism, only one confession has been utterly antithetical: The Reformed confession.
28 Other or " group one " ties methods and so on antithetical couplet by the relative to solve.
29 It seems to some fans the principles of druidism would be antithetical to the majority of high elves, and it didn't appear there was any indication of any renegade sect of druids.
30 Making good decisions requires us to balance the seemingly antithetical forces of emotion and rationality.
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