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Unsympathetic in a sentence

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Antonym: sympatheticSimilar words: sympatheticempatheticsympathysympathizepatheticpatheticallyempathyempathiseMeaning: adj. 1. not sympathetic or disposed toward 2. (of characters in literature or drama) tending to evoke antipathetic feelings 3. not having an open mind 4. lacking in sympathy and kindness 5. not agreeing with your tastes or expectations. 
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1. Her husband was unsympathetic and she felt she had no one to turn to.
2. He's unsympathetic, but charismatic and complex.
3. How can you trust a government that is unsympathetic to public opinion?
4. All the characters in the novel are as unsympathetic as each other.
5. He was unsympathetic with many house sellers, complaining that they were motivated by greed.
6. I'm highly unsympathetic to what you are trying to achieve.
7. But they are not entirely unsympathetic to natural parents.
8. The new Assembly, however, was quite unsympathetic to these views.
9. Our appeal for government help met with an unsympathetic response.
10. Not that Dad was unsympathetic toward animals; far from it.
11. Spectators were not surprisingly unsympathetic to the rare protests of professionals about the maximum wage and the retain-and-transfer system.
12. But no judge was unsympathetic to the dilemma in which a natural mother found herself.
13. Instantly, Penn establishes himself as an unsympathetic Satan, even before he starts his white-supremacist cant.
14. He was an unsympathetic, arrogant, selfish swine,[] and she hated him.
15. He talked of his harsh, unsympathetic upbringing in which his often drunken father physically abused his wife and children.
16. The Chancellor is, however, unsympathetic and safety-first will be his watchword.
17. I told him about the problem but he was totally unsympathetic.
18. Save your breath! Don't even mention your illness to your unsympathetic boss.
19. After being ground down by a rude customer and an unsympathetic boss, they might give shoddy service to good customers.
20. They were originally concerned that she appeared too aggressive, shrill, and unsympathetic.
21. But as we contemplate these bitter internecine struggles we should not be too unsympathetic or complacent.
22. In general, the attitude of the administration towards congress was disdainful and unsympathetic.
23. Even when he's lying through his teeth, he never comes off as unsympathetic.
24. And to compound the problem, the local planning authority had shown themselves unsympathetic to the owner's over-ambitious plans for rebuilding.
25. I explained our problems to the bank manager, but he remained unsympathetic.
26. Sometimes the level of indoctrination seems extreme, especially to those unsympathetic with the message.
27. According to one theory, held by some psychiatrists, patients may find doctors increasingly unsympathetic to their plight.
28. There are a couple of troubling aspects to this account, but even to raise them is to seem somehow unsympathetic.
29. Words such as tramp, hobo and vagrant offended him, terms bandied about by an unsympathetic society.
30. Ministers who are keen advocates of a free market economy may be unsympathetic to such ideas.
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