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Prosthetic in a sentence

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Sentence count:86Posted:2017-01-23Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: aestheticanestheticaestheticskinestheticaestheticallypropheticpatheticsyntheticMeaning: [prɑs'θtɪk /prɒs-]  adj. 1. of or relating to prosthetics 2. relating to or serving as a prosthesis. 
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1. And with his prosthetic hand, Harrelson reaps a harvest of bad sight gags.
2. Adverse reactions between foreign or prosthetic surfaces and blood components are the pre-eminent factors restricting the use of certain biomaterials.
3. Prosthetic replacement of the inferior vena cava.
4. He received a prosthetic device before he could walk.
5. This proposed prosthetic hand controller has compact architecture, and has been successfully applied in dextrous robot hand.
6. Apoenzyme An ENZYME whose cofactor or prosthetic group has been removed (e. g. via dialysis) rendering it catalytically inactive. It is the protein part of a conjugate enzyme.
7. A prosthetic or orthotic system including a magnetorheological (MR) damper are provided.
8. For adults, we will pay for one external prosthetic device. For children up to the age of 16, we will pay for the initial prosthetic device and up to two replacement devices.
9. Objective To introduce a prosthetic orthodontic method of adult malformation of alveosubnasl prognathism.
10. Objective To evaluate the clinical value of prosthetic disc nucleus (PDN-solo) replacement for lumbar disc herniation by comparing it with traditional solely discectomy.
11. The prosthetic socket is fabricated by adopting the air-pressure jet solidification RP system, the material and the corresponding process parameters were analyzed.
12. Cochlear implant(CI) is a neural prosthetic device used to provide the sensation of sound to those who are profoundly deaf by delivering electrical stimulus to auditory nerve directly.
13. A theatrical chameleon,[] Kidman even wore a prosthetic nose for the movie.
14. Prosthetic enzyme of mutase, catalyze reactions of group, mainly methyl, metachoresis in the interior of substrate molecule.
15. Next came a small hospital with a reconstructive surgery unit equipped with prosthetic and orthotic appliances and other inputs.
16. Imagine the rest of the picture: Think in terms of nursing-home humor and prosthetic hands demolished by speeding trucks.
17. Antibiotic prophylaxis is imperative for immunosuppressed patients or for those with valvular heart disease or prosthetic graft material.
18. Objective To evaluate the stability mechanical functions of the anterior spine instrumentation system combing prosthetic disc nucleus with flexible stabilization devices.
19. Objective: To observe the effect of electrotome gingivoplasty in Prosthetic clinic.
20. By recognizing myoelectric signals (MESs) effectively, a bionic control of the prosthetic hand is implemented based on touch and MES.
21. Aseptic loosening of artificial joint is the important factor affecting the in - service life of prosthetic replacement.
22. Results: All the bone grafts were survived,[] dental implants were prosthetic implant dentures work well.
23. The veterans demonstrate some the exercises they perform while getting used to wearing their prosthetic limbs.
24. The newly designed artificial furcal interior locking joint features irregular prosthetic stem, which adapts to the irregular medullary cavity in the proximal femur.
25. The use of three-dimensional data provided greater agreement among observers with regard to the zone of glenoid bone loss, glenoid prosthetic fit, and surgical decision-making.
26. Research has shown that a brain implant that can record brain electrical activity directly can control a prosthetic device.
27. A protein, such as hemoglobin, that contains a colored, metal - containing prosthetic group, such as heme.
28. So abradability is one of the important factors to choose prosthetic material.
29. This article presents two cases for reconstruction of a soft palate defect for prosthetic obturation.
30. Patients with sickle-cell disease should be screened for skin ulcerations or potential sources of osteomyelitis, which can cause seeding of the site of a prosthetic joint.
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