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Aesthetic in a sentence

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Synonym: aestheticalartisticestheticestheticalpleasingSimilar words: by the timeall the timeat the time offor the time beinggeneticathleticmagnetictheoreticalMeaning: [iːs'θetɪk(l)] n. (philosophy) a philosophical theory as to what is beautiful. adj. 1. relating to or dealing with the subject of aesthetics 2. concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste 3. aesthetically pleasing. 
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(1) Fashion, is a kind of aesthetic view. Brother is a punk, you satisfied.
(2) My aesthetic standards are quite different from his.
(3) He responded very strongly to the aesthetic of this particular work.
(4) His mind was reeling with an almost aesthetic delight at the beauty of the thing.
(5) The new building has little aesthetic value/appeal.
(6) From an aesthetic point of view it's a thetic view.
(7) Artists finally awoke to the aesthetic possibilities of photography.
(8) That armchair is comfortable but not very aesthetic.
(9) The benefits of conservation are both financial and aesthetic.
(10) A new aesthetic had been evolved.
(11) His work partakes of the aesthetic fashions of his time.
(12) Their furniture was more aesthetic than functional.
(13) The students debated the aesthetic of the poems.
(14) Their furniture was more aesthetic than practical.
(15) Philosophical and aesthetic arguments justifying non-figurative art left Minton unconvinced.
(16) Most are there for aesthetic value in an attempt to raise the product's perceived value.
(17) Native workmanship can add a lot of aesthetic value.
(18) I wanted nothing more than the stability and aesthetic comfort I associated with the lives of my friends.
(19) The purely aesthetic value of their work is easy to appreciate.
(20) There is little to suggest any aesthetic vulgarity or antipathy to culture on their part.
(21) They have proved enormously successful in both commercial and aesthetic terms.
(22) The main point is that prose varies a great deal in the amount of aesthetic interest which attaches to linguistic form.
(23) Courses are designed to suit both boys and girls[], and creative and aesthetic talents and are also encouraged.
(24) We are also interested in extending their manual skills in the form of craft work related to aesthetic experiences.
(25) Finally, for Megill, the artist-philosophers are more concerned with interpreting reality as an aesthetic phenomenon than with traditional truth-telling.
(26) The making of personal portraits was part of this popular aesthetic, firmly embedded in commercial practices.
(27) By contrast, the image of woman does undergo a transformation within the aesthetic of the New Sculpture.
(28) Plenty of Christians have tried their hand at putting their beliefs into prose or poetry, usually with calamitous aesthetic results.
(29) Those advocating such innovations were motivated most powerfully by aesthetic considerations, in particular by the deadening effect on design of development control.
(30) Badly recorded, Beatlesque song fragments may make for an interesting aesthetic statement.
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