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Patronize in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2016-11-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: backdeal withfinancepromotesponsorsupportSimilar words: patronpatronagesynchronizeagonizepatrolharmonizeelectronicelectronicsMeaning: ['peɪtrənaɪz /'pæt-]  v. 1. assume sponsorship of 2. do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of 3. treat condescendingly 4. be a regular customer or client of. 
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1. Don't patronize me. I'm not a child.
2. We always patronize Beaumont's - the food is so good there.
3. The ladies of Berne liked to patronize the Palace for tea and little cakes.
4. A: It makes sense to patronize a travel agent.
5. Instead, patronize brightly lit all-night delicatessens.
6. Nor did he patronize or overindulge her by giving her three extra pieces of cake.
7. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taking form so far below ourselves.
8. We dislike to have anyone patronize us.
9. Welcome old and new clients come to patronize.
10. That's not a shop I patronize nowadays.
10. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
11. Others are refused to patronize the firm.
12. Some television programmes tend to patronize children.
13. I'll never patronize that store again.
14. We patronize our neighbourhood stores.
15. Has been by the old and new customers patronize.
16. Welcome customers new or old to visit and patronize.
17. Thought Laotaibuxiao,( still no one patronize.
18. Draw on, large quantity food guest, come patronize!
19. Welcome domestic and international enterprise and friend to patronize cooperation heartily.
20. Those who patronize other people, demonize those they disagree with, or disregard foreign cultures as primitive have come to seem foolish.
21. Don't you patronize me!
22. We thus had a perfect relationship: each of us felt that he could patronize the other.
23. She's almost 90, but she gets very annoyed with anyone who tries to patronize her.
24. Just because you're older than me, it doesn't give you the right to patronize me.
25. I gather from the elliptical description that follows that he began to patronize the coffee shop a lot more frequently.
26. We cordially welcome all friends and abroad to consult and patronize.
27. What encouraged me not to become your surety, but to patronize you?
28. If we cannot resurrect, the moral angel will never patronize our sullied spiritual habitat.
29. She first turned on to a career in forensic science by the off-hours cops and criminalists who would patronize the club.
30. If global warming really is the catastrophe the alarmists claim, the least they can do for its victims is not to patronize them while impoverishing them in the bargain.
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