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Unconscious in a sentence

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Synonym: absent-mindedobliviouspreoccupiedsenselessunawareunintentionalunthinkingSimilar words: consciousconsciouslysubconsciouslyconsciousnessconscientiousconscienceunconstitutionalspeciousMeaning: n. that part of the mind wherein psychic activity takes place of which the person is unaware. adj. 1. not conscious; lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception as if asleep or dead 2. without conscious volition 3. (followed by `of') not knowing or perceiving. 
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1 She remained unconscious for several hours.
2 There is an unconscious heeling process within the mind which mends up in spite of our desperate determination never to forget.
3 She was found alive but unconscious.
4 The young man flopped back, unconscious.
5 They found him lying unconscious on the floor.
6 By the time ambulancemen arrived he was unconscious.
7 They found her lying unconscious on the floor.
8 After she hit her head she was unconscious for several minutes.
9 In examining the content of the unconscious, Freud called into question some deeply-held beliefs.
10 He himself seemed totally unconscious of his failure.
11 A survivor was knocked unconscious when the helicopter ditched.
12 The brochure is full of unconscious humour.
13 Mark was lying unconscious but with no outward sign of injury.
14 Mrs Burke was found unconscious and bleeding profusely.
15 He was quite unconscious of the danger.
16 Simon could knock a man unconscious with one punch to the jaw.
17 These impulses are often totally unconscious.
18 She is unconscious of the effect she has on people.
19 He came in,( an unconscious girl.
20 He knelt down beside the unconscious girl.
21 We all indulge in unconscious role - playing.
22 She was knocked unconscious .
23 He was knocked unconscious by the impact.
24 The most normal and the most perfect human being is the one who most thoroughly addresses himself to the activity of his best powers,gives himself most thoroughly to the world around him,flings himself out into the midst of humanity,and is so preoccu pied by his own beneficent reaction on the world that he is practically unconscious of a sep arate existence... 
25 She was hit on the head by a stone and knocked unconscious.
26 We were set upon by about twelve youths and I was kicked unconscious.
27 Coleridge was far ahead of his time in his understanding of the unconscious.
28 All the time Stephen was lying face down and unconscious in the bath tub.
29 A man walked in off the street and fell flat on his face, unconscious.
30 There was something in the darker recesses of his unconscious that was troubling him.
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