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Quantitative in a sentence

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Sentence count:227+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-10Updated:2017-02-10
Similar words: qualitativequantityin quantityquantificationauthoritativequantifyvegetativetentativeMeaning: ['kwɑntɪteɪtɪv /'kwɒn-]  adj. 1. expressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement 2. relating to the measurement of quantity 3. (of verse) having a metric system based on relative duration of syllables. 
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1) He said it was only a quantitative difference.
2) We need to do a proper quantitative analysis of this problem.
3) There is no difference between the two in quantitative terms.
4) They will combine both qualitative and quantitative measurements.
5) By and large, they are quantitative measures, not qualitative.
6) Understandably, they took absolute priority over the quantitative measures.
7) Geophysics: study of the Earth by quantitative physical methods.
8) Application of quantitative techniques in valuation.
9) The summary report included no quantitative measurements.
10) Government is not reducible to a single quantitative indicator.
11) But feminists often use quantitative methods as well.
12) Topocide is an emotional issue; quantitative research procedures were clearly inappropriate.
13) These studies draw a quantitative portrait of ministers, legislators, bureaucrats, businessmen, trade union or party officials.
14) Demanding but worthwhile effort to unify qualitative and quantitative research methods under one logic of inference.
15) These quantitative measures of uncertainty will then be entered in a number of investment formulations to see how they perform.
16) Given present quantitative disparities between East and West, incremental performance improvements do provide something to worry about.
17) Using quantitative analysis and charts of past currency movements, he predicts the dollar will rally briefly in the first quarter.
18) The quantitative effects of the drugs were related to the rate of fluid secretion or absorption.
19) In addition each shows a different preference for quantitative forecasts, compared with more qualitative outlooks.
20) Courses may cover general, quantitative and developmental aspects of the subjects and includes lectures, seminars and laboratory work.
21) I believe in discovery and rigor and quantitative correctness and sophisticated analysis.
22) Business graduates must also be numerate, because most degrees will have courses in quantitative methods and statistics.
23) The qualitative methods provide them with feminist validity, while the quantitative methods ensure the reliability which psychology values.
24) The activity of psychoanalysis in the therapeutic setting can not be adequately grasped and stated in mechanistic, quantitative terms.
25) Thin-section petrology is a more effective means of carrying out such quantitative work.
26) Qualitative forecasting techniques are used to assist and augment the quantitative forecasting process described in the previous chapter.
27) Studies range from a qualitative type of food habit inquiry to a much more precise quantitative one.
28) The methods are restricted to illustrating, supplementing, and contextualizing results obtained from quantitative procedures,( and indicating future research directions.
29) The above discussion may give the impression that this is a predominantly quantitative study.
30) His argument, if it counts as such, is a dogmatic admission of defeat, unsupported by quantitative evidence.
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