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Sympathetic in a sentence

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Antonym: unsympatheticSimilar words: empatheticsympathypatheticempathyempathicempathizeaestheticanestheticMeaning: [‚sɪmpə'θetɪk] adj. 1. of or relating to the sympathetic nervous system 2. expressing or feeling or resulting from sympathy or compassion or friendly fellow feelings; disposed toward 3. having similar disposition and tastes 4. showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity 5. (of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings 6. relating to vibrations that occur as a result of vibrations in a nearby body. 
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(1) She was very sympathetic when I was sick.
(2) I did not feel at all sympathetic towards Kate.
(3) She was very sympathetic to the problems of adult students.
(4) We work best in a sympathetic atmosphere.
(5) He was very sympathetic to me when I was ill.
(6) I'm sympathetic to parents who are worried about what their children see on television.
(7) He was enormously sympathetic when my father died.
(8) I found the doctors quite sympathetic.
(9) He was always there with a sympathetic ear .
(10) I'm here if you need a sympathetic ear .
(11) She was endlessly kind and sympathetic.
(12) I tried to use a sympathetic tone of voice.
(13) I don't find her a very sympathetic person.
(14) Most were sympathetic once we pricked their consciences.
(15) If you can be a sympathetic listener, it may put your own problems in perspective.
(16) Build her up with kindness and a sympathetic ear.
(17) A counsellor should always be sympathetic and non-judgmental.
(18) The general attitude of the public is sympathetic.
(19) I don't find her very sympathetic.
(20) Tourists are, in the main, sympathetic people.
(21) Her parents had been more sympathetic towards her.
(22) Drug addicts need sympathetic, not moralistic, treatment.
(23) They were extremely sympathetic to my plight.
(24) He's a good doctor with a sympathetic bedside manner.
(25) Did he give your proposal/complaints a sympathetic hearing?
(26) You may strike lucky and find a sympathetic and helpful clerk, but, there again, you might not.
(27) How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerate of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of this.
(28) When I told her why I was worried, she was very sympathetic.
(29) You've got to be firm, but at the same time you must be sympathetic.
(30) You have to be firm, but at the same time you should try and be sympathetic.
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