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Confiscate in a sentence

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Synonym: seizetakeSimilar words: fiscalconfirmconfideconfineconfidentconfidenceon firediscardMeaning: ['kɒnfɪskeɪt]  v. take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority. adj. 1. surrendered as a penalty 2. taken without permission or consent especially by public authority. 
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1. The teacher threatened to confiscate their Yo Yos if they kept playing in class.
2. Nobody goes down to Zia to confiscate the stolen goods so the owner can redeem them.
3. The authorities will confiscate firearms found on a boat or plane if the owner cannot show proof of US licensing.
4. We have to confiscate your cat.
5. Did the teacher confiscate your toy?
6. We'll have to confiscate this object.
7. I'm going to confiscate these.
8. Make maximum use of legislation to confiscate the proceeds of drug trafficking.
9. Can say(, confiscate what bring about pair of citizen money property right directly is privative with limitation.
10. The copyright administrative authorities may confiscate their illegal income or impose a fine on them.
11. The police are making a concentrated effort to confiscate pirated books across city.
12. As the campaigners attempted to confiscate her knives and meat hooks, I asked what she felt as she butchered the cats.
13. Confiscate laptops , Blackberrys all corporate phones and storage devices of terminated employees.
14. The police have the right to confiscate any forbidden objects they find.
15. Confiscate your company rents the building security deposit. relieving the leasing agreement.
16. No entity or individual shall confiscate or detain any motor vehicle plate.
17. Whites believed that they had to confiscate black people's guns in order to reestablish white supremacy and prevent blacks from fighting back.
18. There is concern that police use the law to confiscate assets from people who have committed minor offences.
19. Yesterday the two appeared for sentencing and Simon Catterall, prosecuting, asked Teesside magistrates to confiscate their pet terriers.
20. In September, government forces moved into Latakia, a port city where Rifaat exerts power, to confiscate a fortified compound.
21. A talentless street musician in the Dutch town of Leiden got local people so upset by his awful saxophone playing that they got police to confiscate(13) his instrument.
22. A talentless street musician in Holland got local people so upset by his awful saxophone playing that they got police to confiscate his instrument.
23. OFFICER: I'm sorry , Mr. Lee . Egg tarts are food too. We will have to confiscate these.
24. This article is mainly on the predicament that administration confiscate is facing, also on digram of the practical path of its solvation .
25. Chris Grayling, his Tory opposite number , quickly responded with a chilling promise to confiscate the bicycles of bad teenagers.
26. The influential criminologist cited trials in Indianapolis and Kansas City that suggested that violent crime can be cut drastically through campaigns to locate and confiscate illegal guns.
27. To seize ( property ) by force or authority; confiscate.
28. A: Will you give me your camera? We have to confiscate your film.
29. He confronted their leader and threatened to have the authorities confiscate their equipment.
30. Washington responded as Lenin had done during the "war communism" period of Soviet history. The government sent troops to confiscate goods for distribution in kind to the population.
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