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Vascular in a sentence

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Sentence count:244Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: cardiovascularemasculatecrepuscularaesculapiussecularjocularmolecularavuncularMeaning: ['væskjələ(r) /-jʊl-]  adj. of or relating to or having vessels that conduct and circulate fluids. 
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1. Migraines are a particularly intense kind of vascular headache.
2. The pathological features of Dieulafoy's vascular malformation are controversial.
3. The vascular endothelium seems to produce superoxide in the inflamed mucosa, which would exacerbate tissue injury in ulcerative colitis.
4. Hybridisation signals were also detected in the vascular endothelium of pulmonary arteries, especially those with severe arteriopathy.
5. Clinical evidence of vascular disease was found in 38.3 percent of patients and 30 percent were hyperlipidaemic.
6. Obesity is associated with vascular disease, diabetes and other grave health problems.
7. The vascular changes and muscle contraction then could be considered to be of secondary importance.
8. Vascular access may increase the risk of infection but cannulas are not usually colonised by organisms originating in the gut.
9. Through their properties of adherence to vascular or foreign surfaces and their aggregation with other platelets they can initiate haemostasis.
10. Vascular and tension headaches are, by far, those seen most frequently in office practice.
11. There is now substantial evidence that vascular disruption and focal thrombosis, related to macrophage infiltration, occurs in Crohn's disease.
12. The L-arginine-NO system exerts various biological actions including vascular smooth muscle relaxation and inhibition of platelet aggregation.
13. Any patient who has vascular disease should be on long-term aspirin.
14. This contained a list of 690 species, segregates in critical genera and hybrids of vascular plants.
15. This occurs in extensive bilateral frontal lobe dysfunction and is usually due to vascular disease, hydrocephalus,( or massive neoplasia.
16. Moreover, ICAM-1 participates in the transient adhesion of leucocytes to the vascular endothelium and mediates, in part, granulocyte extravasation.
17. This may, however, worsen hypertension by increasing the peripheral vascular resistance.
18. Self expandable steel braided endoprostheses were first used for the treatment of vascular and urological benign strictures, with good clinical results.
19. These early studies were performed in diabetics with and without clinical evidence of vascular disease.
20. Most of the patients studied were free of clinically detectable vascular disease.
21. In addition to its potent vasoconstrictive actions, ET-1 is also a mitogen for vascular smooth muscle cells.
22. In the fundus and corpus of the stomach an increase in superficial vascular pattern was visible.
23. These findings suggest that lipoprotein abnormalities in the diabetic state may also indirectly affect platelet function by damaging vascular endothelium.
24. Results Deposits of formazan were found in the colonic epithelium, vascular endothelium, and infiltrating mononuclear cells.
25. Occupational History Stressful work situations are often a factor in muscle-contraction or vascular headaches.
26. The Eriophorum is frequent or abundant in bog pools dominated by Sphagnum species in which other vascular plant species only occur occasionally.
27. To introduce the postoperative medical and nursing care of patients with peripheral vascular disease. 6.
28. An example is the use of propranolol and amitriptyline in the patient with symptoms of both vascular and tension headache.
29. Therefore other metabolic abnormalities have been sought in diabetic subjects which might contribute to the increased vascular risk.
30. And the medical staff has been augmented with an orthopedic and vascular surgeon.
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