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Vernacular in a sentence

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Synonym: argotcantcommonjargonlingopatoisslangvulgarSimilar words: spectacularejaculateimmaculatevernalsecularjocularmolecularbinocularMeaning: [vər'nækjələ(r) /və'nækjʊlə]  n. 1. a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves) 2. the everyday speech of the people (as distinguished from literary language). adj. being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language. 
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1, Galileo wrote in the vernacular to reach a larger audience.
2, He lapsed into the local vernacular .
3, His lively vernacular style goes down well with younger viewers.
4, In many cases this is quite unlike the vernacular of the parents' country or countries.
5, Hymns were sung in the vernacular, ecclesiastical corruption and the worship of images were renounced.
6, If you were caught speaking in vernacular you paid a penny fine.
7, This liturgical pattern was also repeated in the vernacular literature produced by the Franciscans and aimed at stimulating lay piety.
8, A few communities use vernacular plainchant settings, usually with one of the older rites.
9, And literacy, at least in the vernacular, could certainly be acquired without the aid of schooling.
10, It is bad when the inevitable exclusiveness of vernacular becomes the reason for using it.
11, As with Galileo, he wrote in the vernacular to reach a larger audience.
12, Vernacular cosmopolitans are compelled to make a tryst with cultural translation as an act of survival.
13, vernacular fiction was scorned as a disreputably popular form.
14, The French I learned at school is very different from the local vernacular of the village where I'm now living.
15, Many Roman Catholics regret the replacing of the Latin mass by the vernacular.
16, Traditional literary criticism has celebrated the growth of the vernacular as a vehicle for expression during the Renaissance.
17, Allowing so much as the wrong noun to enter the vernacular, it is felt, would diminish the republic.
18, They kept the old biblical landmarks alive, but in a more informal and vernacular language.
19, In Anglo-Saxon times portions of the Bible had been translated from Latin into the vernacular.
20, When is the sub-editorial felt-tip justified? It is bad when the inevitable exclusiveness of vernacular becomes the reason for using it.
21, The entire audience stayed at rapt attention while the last part of the speech was translated into the vernacular.
22, I grew up on the streets and am well-versed in the vernacular Talkshitonics.
23, Yet,( traditional criticism has generally been uninterested in the widening of vernacular expression among groups previously unable to record their voices.
24, They put on tin foil hats and spoke an incomprehensible vernacular.
25, And there may be preferred slinging techniques, attendant rituals and even a subcultural vernacular associated with the activity.
26, Since these women too had traditional gender roles, how was their greater use of this vernacular feature to be explained?
27, Indeed, it was the pressure from this large and disadvantaged constituency that helped to establish vernacular literary education.
28, But the juxtaposition of the two buildings speaks volumes about the rapid disappearance of regional, vernacular, even weirdo architecture.
29, He spoke with many pauses so that the translator at his right could convey the message in the vernacular.
30, It never, however, approved the celebration of the Mass wholly in the vernacular, Eucharistic prayer and all.
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