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Perpendicular in a sentence

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Sentence count:159+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: uprightverticalSimilar words: particularparticularlyin particularappendicitisserpentserpentineridiculousreticulateMeaning: n. 1. a straight line at right angles to another line 2. a Gothic style in 14th and 15th century England; characterized by vertical lines and a four-centered (Tudor) arch and fan vaulting 3. a cord from which a metal weight is suspended pointing directly to the earth's center of gravity; used to determine the vertical from a given point 4. an extremely steep face. adj. 1. intersecting at or forming right angles 2. at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line 3. extremely steep. 
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1. The plumbline is always perpendicular to the horizontal plane.
2. The valley ended in a perpendicular rim of granite.
3. We scrambled up the nearly perpendicular side of the mountain.
4. Are the lines perpendicular to each other?
5. The wall is a little out of the perpendicular.
6. The staircase was almost perpendicular .
7. The sides of the loch are almost perpendicular.
8. The wall is a little out of perpendicular.
9. The two lines of bones are set perpendicular to one another.
10. The left wing dipped until it was perpendicular to the ground.
11. The wheel rotates about an axis which is perpendicular to the plane.
12. Draw a perpendicular from the vertex of the triangle to its base.
13. Behind them, there was a perpendicular wall of rock.
14. Instead there is a perpendicular rope ladder.
15. The viewpoint is perpendicular to the orbital plane.
16. Looked a bit perpendicular when I saw it.
17. We make sure our horizontal strokes precede our perpendicular.
18. These tables for the lawyers on trial sit perpendicular to the bench.
19. Ensure that the plumbline is perpendicular before you start to draw the line.
20. We made two slits for the eyes and a perpendicular line for the nose.
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21. The wall was leaning at an angle of ten degrees to the perpendicular.
22. The axis of the moon will now be exactly perpendicular to that of the earth.
23. His eyes were deep set, his nose thin and perpendicular, his mouth narrow and open.
24. This shows the simple case of a spin axis which is perpendicular to the line of sight.
25. The transmitted beam consists only of photons with the perpendicular polarisation.
26. The crystal acts as an analyser which ascertains whether or not the photon has polarisation perpendicular to the optical axis of the crystal.
27. Each of us spotted a different line of cobbles extending across the plain, perpendicular to the prevailing gradient of slope.
28. The leaves are arranged so that each pair is situated perpendicular to the axis of the preceding leaves.
29. A1 and A2: carbon-bearing, electrolyte-saturated, measurement direction parallel and perpendicular to planes of foliation respectively.
30. We have seen that it turns a state of arbitrary polarisation into one polarised perpendicular to the crystal's optical axis.
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