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Avuncular in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-02-10Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: jocularsecularparticularspectacularparticularlyin particularcardiovascularuncutMeaning: [ə'vʌŋkjʊlə]  adj. 1. being or relating to an uncle 2. like an uncle in kindness or indulgence. 
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1. His avuncular image belies his steely determination.
2. He adopts an avuncular tone of voice when giving advice to junior colleagues.
3. Just keep an avuncular, supervisory eye on them.
4. Sam gave her an avuncular squeeze.
5. He is capable of avuncular charm, wheezy laughter and mischievous wit as well as grizzly ferocity and stick-in-the-mud reactionary attitudes and walking-stick-in-the-hand swashbuckling.
6. Under other circumstances she might have found it avuncular but now it was oppressive.
7. Sir Lewis' avuncular features mask a hard-nosed businessman unafraid of putting financial exigency before personal sentiment.
8. The avuncular Custodian of the Holy Places, as Saudi monarchs title themselves, had a reputation for probity, tolerance and humility that augured change for the better.
9. But China’s relatively avuncular premier Wen Jiabao has snorkelled this reef before.
10. At that point, Schmidt put an avuncular hand on Page's shoulder and brought him back to the real world. Now, with Page as CEO, that hand is less likely to be there.
11. On Thursday night, the avuncular Jackson couldn't inspire his team to do the same.
12. He is an avuncular man in his fifties with a hairless pate and a perfect trapezoidal moustache that fans out to the corners of his mouth.
13. The linear relationship between paternity index and avuncular index is exhibited.
14. Sounding a bit like an avuncular television host, the visibly relaxed president asked some two dozen children, age six to 11, at the Boys and Girls Club what they wanted for Christmas.
15. Though he looks like an avuncular conductor of a giant toy train set, he labors daily trying to give away one of the world’s biggest fortunes, that made by his son at Microsoft.
16. He adopt an avuncular tone of voice when give advice to junior colleagues.
17. No longer was I the avuncular, benevolent doctor-I was a human being.
18. He began to talk in his most gentle and avuncular manner.
19. We really only knew him through childhood over-the-counter dealings smiling, ever-patient[], avuncular.
20. He had to admit that it was not unpleasant to be taken in hand by some one so positive and avuncular.
21. Harry Lucas was to all of us who knew him a mentor, a tutor and avuncular friend.
22. In popular culture today, Twain is “Colonel Sanders without the chicken, the avuncular man who told stories, ” Ron Powers, the author of “Mark Twain: A Life, ” said in a phone interview.
23. Only his facial twitches and the ghost of an old stammer gave the lie to his calm, avuncular image.
24. The media lauded his initiatives as unambiguously and gloriously advancing the interests of all Tunisians, with Ben Ali the ever avuncular and enlightened ruler.
25. It is up to the new ruling authorities, led by the avuncular chairman of the transitional national council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, to balance the two.
26. Compared to Samoan women and heterosexual men, the fa'afafine showed a much weaker link between their avuncular -- or uncle like -- behavior and their altruism toward kids generally.
27. The secret police have several functions, my dear, he began in an avuncular tone.
28. He was now playing the role of disinterested host and avuncular mentor.
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