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Jugular in a sentence

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Sentence count:92Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: regularsingularregularlyirregularregularitytriangularsingularlyat regular intervalsMeaning: ['dʒʌgjələr /-gjʊlə]  n. 1. veins in the neck that return blood from the head 2. a vital part that is vulnerable to attack. adj. relating to or located in the region of the neck or throat. 
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1) She went straight for the jugular and asked him to explain his previous criminal record.
2) Mr Black went for the jugular, asking intimate sexual questions.
3) Cunningham went straight for the jugular, telling him that his work was a complete disaster.
4) One blade speared his jugular vein.
5) A harsher critic would have gone for the jugular and claimed that this was a blunt reiteration of those dormant adolescent prejudices.
6) He was not aware of a jugular vein delicately connecting the forty billion of Trantor with the rest of the Galaxy.
7) Perhaps he was only locating the jugular vein for future use.
8) Probably that Ven would go for her jugular in no uncertain fashion for the deception she had played on him.
9) They ripped open the jugular vein, releasing an appalling rush of blood.
10) Metastatic carcinoma to the jugular foramen.
11) Group A underwent external jugular vein cannulation alone(sham).
12) He always goes for the jugular.
13) To improve the recognition of jugular phlebectasia in children.
14) Cardiac tamponade is suggested by jugular venous distention, muffled heart sounds,( and a paradoxical pulse.
15) The density of lymphatic tubes around the internal jugular vein, accessory nerve and sternocleidomastoid muscles was much higher than that around the external jugular vein and cervical plexus.
16) Day asked a direct question like a dagger pointed at the jugular.
17) Doctors told the 28-year-old that the five slashes were just millimetres away from cutting his jugular vein.
18) But the film has a morbid elegance and an exotic lust for the jugular.
19) They are also characterized by their pelvic fins, which are jugular in position and have two to four rays.
20) Not Adam Burns, though - oh no, he had to go straight for the jugular.
21) And not that many women really feel comfortable going for the jugular.
22) She had jerked her head as the butcher had lunged, and he had missed the jugular.
23) The rectus capitis lateralis muscle extends vertically behind the internal jugular vein from the TPA to the jugular process of the occipital bone.
24) After the tumor excision[], the oral defect was reconstructed with myocutaneous platysma flap which had submandibular pedicle and contained external jugular vein.
25) Mike was one of them. Olsen failed to completely decapitate the bird, missing the jugular vein and leaving one ear and most of the brain stem intact.
26) Objective: To study the feasibility of establishing side-wall aneurysms by anastomosing external jugular vein with bilateral common carotid arteries.
27) Objective:To explore the importance of indwelling needle puncture of external jugular vein in pre-hospital care.
28) Methods 112 cases accepted the placement of the CVCS at the end of superior vena cava by US-guided punctures through internal jugular.
29) Objective : To obtain more detailed microsurgical anatomic data about jugular bulb for translabyrithine approach surgery.
30) Objective To observe the effect of POWER - ANTI used at the hemoaccess at internal jugular vein.
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