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Binocular in a sentence

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Sentence count:92Posted:2017-03-03Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: inoculatejocularmonoculturesecularavuncularmolecularparticularspectacularMeaning: [‚baɪ'nɒkjʊlə]  adj. relating to both eyes. 
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(1) The main object of binocular interest in Aquarius is the globular cluster M2.
(2) The most spectacular binocular object in Gemini is the open cluster M35.
(3) With the aid of a zoom binocular microscope, small-scale sedimentary structures, such as graded bedding, can be viewed.
(4) It faded slowly, and has now passed below binocular range.
(5) Ben possessed the kind of binocular vision I needed so badly.
(6) The other interesting binocular object in Lepus is the globular cluster M79.
(7) It has binocular vision for locating its prey and now rests motionless, waiting for the potential victim to come closer.
(8) But it is the rear-view binocular field which is of particular use in keeping the rabbit safe.
(9) Fixed: Fast forward is now disabled when using binocular.
(10) Thus a while robot binocular vision system is constructed.
(11) This is a 20 binocular microscope.
(12) This is a 20 power binocular microscope.
(13) A binocular or field glass.
(14) Do they have good binocular vision?
(15) He invented the binocular microscope.
(16) Using the synoptophore to examine the binocular function.
(17) The officer scanned the battlefield with a binocular.
(18) Binocular calibration works on them.
(19) In practice(, binocular hand-eye system is widely used.
(20) A method based on binocular vision model is discussed to determine the relative motion parameters between two space objects in rendezvous and docking ( RVD).
(21) The function of binocular Synergism is not only extending the field of vision, but also more important to obtain the stereopsis .
(22) The refractive state, aniseikonia, fusion, binocular image, near and distant stereoscopic vision in 120 cases (240 eyes) were observed.
(23) Binocular machine vision and binaural machine hearing reproduce senses of optical and audio direction and distance.
(24) When a horse switches from monocular vision to binocular vision, this causes objects to jump and distort - until focused on again.
(25) Although it occurs among mammals and birds, few other fish possess binocular vision.
(26) For example owls and other predatory birds such as buzzards have binocular vision and acute hearing although they have a poor sense of smell.
(27) Manipulate the oviducts in a plastic Petri dish or glass cavity block on the heated stage of a binocular directing microscope.
(28) The fish possesses a further adaptation to enhance its accuracy: binocular vision.
(29) Symmetrical surgery was superior to asymmetrical surgery in obstruction of binocular vision function.
(30) Object location is defined as coming up with three-dimensional coordinate expression through binocular vision model analysis using geometrical relationship.
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