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Scullery in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: galleryesculentsculpturerollersellerkillertilleremasculateMeaning: ['skʌlərɪ]  n. a small room (in large old British houses) next to the kitchen; where kitchen utensils are cleaned and kept and other rough household jobs are done. 
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1. She rushed into the scullery and fetched some water.
2. He banged about in the scullery, hunting for wire.
3. The kitchen and scullery had been swept and tidied up, and all the beds made.
4. I was in the scullery washing mud off my shoes, still as I listened.
5. He paced up and down between the scullery and the living-room as if on the deck of a ship.
6. Jimmy popped into the scullery then to turn the mutton chops in the pan in the gas oven.
7. She unlocked the scullery door at seven-fifteen this morning - actually, she was late.
8. There's a wide door between kitchen and scullery which is usually left propped open.
9. This room leads into the scullery where there's an open range.
10. In the scullery I found a note propped against a milk carton on the draining-board.
11. I went back into the scullery and opened the adjoining door to the front room.
12. Each house had two rooms and scullery on the ground floor and two bedrooms on each of the upper storeys.
13. Peari, the old scullery maid, is coming from the market, her basket laden with vegetables(, wading through the slush and drenched with the rain.
14. Let's say for the sake of argument it was the scullery window.
15. He walked along the small passage leading to the kitchen, then padded beyond it into the scullery before pressing a light-switch.
16. Betty's hand was tight across her mouth now and she turned swiftly away and went back into the scullery.
17. He had built a lean-to greenhouse on the back of the scullery and prided himself on his chrysanthemums and gladioli.
18. There are the inevitable baking ovens beside powerful chimney stacks and meat hooks hanging from kitchen and scullery ceilings.
19. A little wind had been born from the breeze and was sighing in the walnut tree and rattling the scullery door.
20. Ask him to put some water in a bowl, and you can bring it into the scullery.
21. Our last bit of objective evidence, such as it is, concerns those prints on the scullery window.
22. He almost ran down the hall, through the kitchen and into the little utility room that had once been a scullery.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. Her grandmother, as usual, was sorting the washing in the scullery.
24. I got off the stool and went into the scullery and turned the wireless off.
25. I remember squealing as we watch the black monster twitch its claws on the scullery floor.
26. I had gone out into the garden, closing the scullery door as quietly as I could.
27. The cooks who were preparing for the party fell asleep over the stirring and tasting. The scullery maids fell asleep over the washing up.
28. After which he gathered up her sodden clothes, gently, and put them in a separate heap on the copper-top in the scullery .
29. It really had not occurred to her to think of them in that light. Scullery maids were machines who carried coal scuttles and made fires.
30. Some hams hanging in the kitchen were taken out for burial, and the barrel of beer in the scullery was stove in with a kick from Boxer's hoof, otherwise nothing in the house was touched.
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