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Utterance in a sentence

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Sentence count:102Posted:2016-09-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: vocalizationSimilar words: toleranceexuberancemutterbutterflyattendanceveteranentranceinsuranceMeaning: ['ʌtərəns]  n. the use of uttered sounds for auditory communication. 
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1. His every utterance will be scrutinized.
2. The speaker had great powers of utterance.
3. Upon the utterance of this word, Dan and Harry exchanged a quick, meaningful look.
4. However, the utterance only succeeds in having this function if certain external conditions are fulfilled.
5. The distinction between sentence and utterance is of fundamental importance to both semantics and pragmatics.
6. The interpretation of an utterance involves the integration of information across different levels of linguistic description and across time.
7. An utterance is said to have illocutionary force and perlocutionary force.
8. There was, moreover, a vehemence of utterance and gesture curiously at variance with the reticence of our Virginians.
9. The uncertainty of this utterance is indicated strongly in Stoppard's stage directions.
10. But why did the speaker deliberately produce an utterance which required reformulation?
11. She could choose her own partner in matrimony, as long as she gave no utterance to her passions and emotions.
12. She has one great fear to which she will never give utterance.
13. The remaining elements complete the information and fulfil the communicative purpose of the utterance.
14. There are always referential alternatives possible to the speaker and addressee and to the observer in relation to any utterance.
15. Lexical access is not an autonomous process which a central processor can direct towards any part of the utterance.
16. It is the rheme that fulfils the communicative purpose of the utterance.
17. It is true for intra-generational talk as well that speakers are not constrained to use Creole to respond to a Creole utterance.
18. For this reason,( spoken language interpreters are specifically trained to reject the effects of their utterance of the target language.
19. For example, extraneous voiceless stops are often hypothesized at utterance onset.
20. A larger, more general system would need considerably longer stretches of the utterance, and/or considerably more complex top-down information.
21. Introduction Continuous speech processing requires the application of very many sources of knowledge in order to decode the utterance.
22. An island-driving algorithm will explore those paths that ultimately fail to match the beginning and ending of the utterance.
23. They limit the amount that has to be grasped in any one utterance.
24. And, of course, the mystery was soon solved by the following utterance.
25. Hypotheses are ranked by decreasing shortfall, the goal being to find the path with the smallest shortfall covering the whole utterance.
26. Sperber and Wilson suggest that the effect achieved by such an utterance can be termed a poetic effect.
27. Sutcliffe's data show that these speakers have a very clear idea of what, for them, constitutes a basilectal utterance.
28. There has obviously been a conscious decision and determination on his part to make his life a fulfilment of prophetic utterance.
29. Consistent testing Implicit in the anecdote about the sore head was the need to test the utterance.
30. Given the knowledge of context the analyst has, he should find this a fairly unsurprising utterance.
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