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Transcribe in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2016-12-13Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: transliterateSimilar words: ascribedescribesubscribertranscendenttransittransfertransfusetransformMeaning: [træn'skraɪb]  v. 1. write out from speech, notes, etc. 2. rewrite in a different script 3. rewrite or arrange a piece of music for an instrument or medium other than that originally intended 4. make a phonetic transcription of 5. convert the genetic information in (a strand of DNA) into a strand of RNA, especially messenger RNA. 
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1. Clerks transcribe everything that is said in court.
2. He had been asked to transcribe an ancient manuscript.
3. They only transcribe into knitting instructions when entered, calculated and displayed on the console of your machine.
4. Just the chance to transcribe the manuscripts was the most fantastic luck, the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.
5. Bach himself did not disdain to transcribe Vivaldi concertos for organ or harpsichord and to borrow fugue-subjects from Legrenzi and Corelli.
6. Transcribe the oral history of this tribe.
7. We need volunteers to transcribe this manuscript.
8. She jot down a few note, and later transcribe them into an exercise book.
9. He wanted to transcribe completely the conversation of the lowlifes.
10. Concern letter transcribe material to explain slightly at fall and be united in wedlock now.
11. The present technical development might let us transcribe and the duplication sound as necessary.
12. Is the adjusting control that body and gene transcribe get inside afterbirth what kind of?
13. The settler shall have the right to check, transcribe or duplicate the trust accounts related to his trust property and other documents drawn up in the course of dealing with trust business.
14. Once upon a time, people have to transcribe the file, because there is no printer.
15. Now, I do want you to transcribe this conversation immediately, and then we will talk again.
16. What about young Mozart's famous ability to transcribe entire scores on a single hearing?
17. Sitting in a different room, he would transcribe those airs and arrange them.
18. He gave up trying to write for the guitar and decided to transcribe the work for piano.
19. We should hope that Hughes, having taken his soliloquy, will one day transcribe more of these asides.
20. I also got really specific about the phrasing and how I could transcribe that on to the guitar.
21. Brief the exploitation and principle of the high tension transcribe cost counting system of Shangcheng County.
22. Most of the parts are playable directly, except perhaps for the viola clef,(Sentence dictionary) but even that is no great job to transcribe.
23. Q: Do you have tips on how to effectively transcribe.
24. At the National Archives and Records Administration, we have no shortage of paper records to digitize or transcribe.
25. I am able to take dictation in English and transcribe them rapidly into Chinese.
26. Pay attention to not missing any word when you transcribe the document.
27. The envoi depicts the reasons Mengfu made a wish to transcribe Buddhist scriptures were to call for happiness and gave devotions to the Buddha.
28. I am able to take dictation in English and quickly transcribe into Chinese.
29. I am able to get dictation in English and quickly transcribe into Chinese.
More similar words: ascribedescribesubscribertranscendenttransittransfertransfusetransformtransmittransporttransienttranslatetransposetransgresstransparenttransitiontranslationtranslucenttransactiontransmittedtransvestitetransferabletransmissiontransformationtransportabletransatlantictransportationactive transporttribescript
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