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Tribe in a sentence

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Synonym: breedclanclassculturefamilyfolkgroupkindpeoplesectsetSimilar words: describesubscribertribalattributecontributedistributecontributorcontribute toMeaning: [traɪb]  n. 1. a social division of (usually preliterate) people 2. a federation (as of American Indians) 3. (biology) a taxonomic category between a genus and a subfamily 4. group of people related by blood or marriage. 
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1. Our tribe is under a curse.
2. A council of elders governs the tribe.
3. A common religion ensures the coherence of the tribe.
4. His intercession could be of help to the tribe.
5. Few know that the tribe was just passing through.
6. The ultimate fate of the tribe was even sadder.
7. I hate the whole tribe of politicians.
8. Alcohol is taboo in this tribe.
9. This is a subject tribe.
10. The valley is inhabited by the Dani tribe.
11. Legend has it that the tribe came from across the Pacific Ocean.
12. The US Government gave the land to the tribe in perpetuity.
13. The tribe practised a religion that mixed native beliefs and Christianity.
14. He had a sudden outburst against the whole tribe of actors.
15. Many a tribe and ruling house has survived by intermarrying with its rivals,(Sentence dictionary) rather than waging war on them.
16. The whole tribe seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.
17. The village tribe is friendly and they share their water supply with you.
18. The tribe cultivated the land and grew the food.
19. The tribe waited to study the issue.
20. Tribe Computer gave key networking equipment.
21. The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
22. At the age of thirteen the boys in the tribe are initiated into manhood.
23. The women are demanding full equality with the men of their tribe.
24. We've invited Carol's sisters and brothers and their spouses and children - the whole Cassidy tribe.
25. One or two of the grandchildren will be there, but not the whole tribe.
26. We were only expecting Jack and his wife, but the whole tribe turned up.
27. Traditions were passed on by the elders of the tribe.
28. A movie has been made about the last remaining survivor of the tribe.
29. The communal land is cultivated by the womenfolk in the tribe.
30. He sent a letter inviting Naomi to attend his installation as chief of his tribe.
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