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Transcendent in a sentence

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Sentence count:71Posted:2016-12-11Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: translucentcondescendindependentbe independent oftransientdependenttransparentresplendentMeaning: [træn'senənt]  adj. 1. beyond and outside the ordinary range of human experience or understanding 2. exceeding or surpassing usual limits especially in excellence. 
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1. The Olympics are a transcendent event.
2. When the mystic returns from his transcendent journey, he puts his emotions into the bare code of human words.
3. Zeus is both like the world and transcendent to it.
4. The whole of the transcendent is virgin land whereas the mundane is filled with the debris of a lifetime.
5. Entering the transcendent and feeling the beautiful ideas of creativity is to escape from the sad feelings of the child.
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6. Communities need absolutes, ideals of truths, transcendent sources of authority which are unchanged and unchangeable.
7. The beauty of the flower is transcendent, and it has been a part of man's heritage since the beginning.
8. But the calm of the transcendent will nevertheless influence but not interfere with our lives.
9. Part of the meditation in the transcendent should be with the aim of increasing the zest for life.
10. Purim, a festival that delivers the transcendent message that good will always conquer evil.
11. Ecstasy is the door into the transcendent world and the mystical ideas that send men into ecstasy are tickets for the journey.
12. Therefore, education is essentially transcendent.
13. God is Immanent ; Brahman is Transcendent.
14. He describes seeing Stanley Matthews play football as one of the transcendent moments of his life.
15. A pathetic attempt to use proto-scientific methods to ascertain and then apprehend the transcendent.
16. To draw and write on skin provides its own metaphor of the corporeal and the transcendent.
17. Alone on the open desert, I have made up songs of wild, poignant rejoicing and transcendent melancholy.
18. The cultivation of creativity is the most important requirement of men who aspire to the highest reaches of the transcendent world.
19. But what is undoubtedly the case is that the possibilities of transcendent interpretation are differently characterized in different traditions.
20. Such ideas as the development of the emotions are not transcendent but transitional.
21. Love must be the most beautiful flower than can be cultivated in transcendent garden of the mind.
22. After Homer, the tragedians of fifth-century Athens reveal a dualist universe in which Zeus is transcendent and man introspective.
23. Mirth is an escape from the humdrum just as the transcendent is an escape from the mundane.
24. A world which produces a literature that, at its best, celebrates essential and transcendent human qualities.
25. However separate in appearance they may be, the individual, the universe, and transcendent divinity are essentially one.
26. To sit down in meditation and think of these mystical ideas is to poise oneself for the transcendent journey.
27. Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. John Milton 
28. Awed by this, we have naturally developed an awareness of the transcendent.
29. Without developing the emotions, it will be difficult for men to reach such pinnacles of the transcendent as the peak experience.
30. You set your own beauty standards, and this independence raises your beauty to a transcendent level.
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